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Название: Sandra - Дискография (1985-2007)
Исполнитель: Sandra
Год: 2007
Жанр: Pop
Страна: Германия

Продолжительность: 00.36.45
Формат/Кодек: AAC (M4A)
Битрейт аудио: 226-227 kbps

The Long Play - 1985
01.In The Heat Of The Night
02.On The Tray (Seven Years)
03.Little Girl
04.You And I
05.(I"LL Never Be) Maria Magdalena
06.Heartbeat (That"s Emotion)
07.Sisters And Brothers
08.Change Your Mind

Mirrors - 1986
01.The Second Day
02.Don"t Cry (The Breakup Of The World)
03.Hi! Hi! Hi!
04.Midnight Man
05.You"ll Be Mine
06.Innocent Love
07.Two Lovers Tonight
08.Mirror Of Love

Into A Secret Land - 1988
01.Secret Land
02.We"ll Be Together
03.Heaven Can Wait
04.Just Like Diamonds
05.Around My Heart
06.Crazy Juliet
07.La Vista De Luna
08.Calebrate Your Life
09.Children Of England

Paintings In Yellow - 1990
02.(Life May Be) A Big Insanity
03.Johnny Wanna Live
04.Love Light In Your Eyes
05.One More Night
06.The Skin I"m In
07.Paintings In Yellow
08.The Journey
09.Hiroshima (Extended Club Mix)

Singles - 1976-1988
01.Andy, Mein Ffiend (1976)
02.Ich Bin Noch Ein Kind (1976)
03.Secunden (1984)
04.Everlasting Love (1987)
05.Stop For A Minute (1988)

Close To Seven - 1992
01.Don"t Be Aggressive
02.Mirrored In Your Eyes
03.I Need Love
04.No Taboo
05.When The Rain Doesh"t Come
06.Steady Me
08.Seal It Forever
09.Love Turns To Pain
10.Your Way To India

Fading Shades - 1995
01.Fading Shades (Part I)
02.Nights In White Satin
03.Son Of A Time Machine
04.Won"t Run Away
05.Tell Me More
06.Will You Whisper
07.Invisible Shelter
08.You Are So Beautiful
09.I Need Love "95
10.First Lullaby
11.Fading Shades (Part II)

Remixes - 1999
01.Secret Land
02.Maria Magdalena
04.Party Games (instrumental)

The Wheel Of Time - 2002
01.Forgive Me
04.I Close My Eyes
05.Perfect Touch
06.Silent Running
07.Such A Shame
09.Free Love
11.The Wheel Of Time

Secrets Of Love (CD Maxi) - 2006
01.Dj Bobo And Sandra - Secrets Of Love (radio version)
02.Dj Bobo And Sandra - Secrets Of Love (club mix radio edit)
03.Dj Bobo And Sandra - Secrets Of Love (club mix)
04.Dj Bobo And Sandra - Secrets Of Love (instrumental)

Reflections - 2006
01.Around My Heart
02.Stop For A Minute
03.Hi! Hi! Hi!
04.Maria Magdalena
05.In The Heat Of The Night
06.Heaven Can Wait
07.Everlasting Love
09.One More Night
10.Secret Land
11.Innocent Love
12.We"ll Be Together

The Art Of Love - 2007
01.What D"ya Thenk Of Me
02.The Way I Am
03.The Art Of Love
04.What Is It About Me
05.Dear God...If You Exist
06.Silence Beside Me
07.Once Upon A Time
08.Put Your Arms Around Me
09.What"s Left To Say
10.Casino Royale
11.Love Is The Price (with Dj Bobo)
12.Shadow Of Power
13.All You Zombies

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