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SpaceClaim 2009+ Engineer R5 SP1(x32-x64)

Год выпуска: 2010
Версия: R5 SP1 (2009.1.0.11112)
Разработчик: SpaceClaim Corporation
Платформа: PC Windows x32, Windows x64
Совместимость с Vista: да
Системные требования:

Microsoft® Windows XP with Service Pack 2 и выше
Microsoft® Windows Vista™ и выше

Требуется поддержка DirectX® 9c, выпуск февраля 2007 или более, 64 MB графической памяти или выше, Shader 2.0, 32 бита за пиксел, минимальное решение 1024x768.
Рекомендуемые видеокарты:
ATI® Radeon R300, R420, R520, R600, or R700 series.
Radeon 9x00 cards (9700, 9800, …) or newer
NVIDIA GeForce® FX, 6, 7, or 8 series. NVIDIA FX5200s or newer
AMD FireGL™ T2-128 or higher (including the ‘Mobility’ series for laptops)

Pentium® 4 2.0 GHZ или Athlon® 2000+ и выше, 32-bit (x86) или 64-bit (x64) процессор

Минимум: 512MB RAM (32-bit), 1Gb RAM (64-bit)
Рекомендуемые: 2GB RAM и выше, 256MB графической памяти

2GB свободного дискового пространства
Microsoft Internet Explorer® 5.5 и выше

Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
SpaceClaim - компания-разработчик программного обеспечения для создания и редактирования твердотельных 3D-моделей. Лидером компании является Майкл Пэйн - в прошлом соучредитель PTC и один из создателей SolidWorks, позднее работавший исполнительным директором в Spatial Corp. и главным технологом в Dassault Systemes.

SpaceClaim 2009 Engineer - программа для создания и редактирования твердотельных 3D-моделей, в первую очередь адресованная инженерам, которым необходимо внести свой вклад в разработку изделия, но которые в настоящее время не используют ни одну из «первичных» MCAD-систем. Программа может работать с большинством форматов 3D MCAD-систем, а также хранить данные в собственном, полностью открытом формате, основанном на технологии XML.

Система SpaceClaim 2009 Engineer может служить дополнением к функционалу NX и повышать эффективность работы пользователей. Кроме того, SpaceClaim 2009 Engineer способствует росту эффективности работы компании в целом, распространяя все преимущества 3D на всех участников процесса. Таким образом, оптимизируется процесс проектирования продукта, улучшается обмен информацией, что приводит к уменьшению числа итераций в ходе проектирования и ускорению вывода изделия на рынок.

Доп. информация:
SpaceClaim empowers engineers and industrial designers to be more creative and deliver products to market faster. Throughout the product development cycle, SpaceClaim makes it possible for engineers to easily explore their ideas and problem solve in 3D, reuse and quickly edit models from any CAD system, and simplify models for analysis, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Optimizing Engineering with 3D Modeling

The rules of product development are changing. Smart manufacturers are realizing that by realigning product design activities, they can guarantee that final testing will validate expected results.

By empowering engineering with easy-to-use and powerful, 3D conceptual design tools together with access to CAE, engineers can optimize their designs before committing them to the labor-intensive detailed design process in traditional CAD.

The untapped opportunity for most manufacturers is that CAE isn’t involved until late in the product development cycle - when the fixes are often very costly. Up-front simulation avoids last-minute compromises.
Enabling Creativity to Foster Innovation

SpaceClaim is the only 3D direct modeler designed from the ground up to be the fastest tool available for concept design and 3D problem solving. Easily visualize and evaluate designs. Achieve new levels of creativity and product innovation.
Quickly create new designs and easily change them later
Use groundbreaking 3D modeling tools
Reuse almost any 2D or 3D CAD file
Have complete control over assembly structures and bill of materials

-A new assembly mechanism solving option supports sliding and multi-bar linkages.
-The new Enclosure tool automatically creates volumes that surround a given body. Uses include:
-Modeling enclosure volumes for external CFD studies.
-De-featuring highly detailed models, such as circuit boards, into blockier models.
-Calculating bounding boxes.
-The Midsurface tool has been enhanced to calculate midsurfaces on drafted geometry.
-Sheet metal designs can be created by folding flat patterns into 3D shapes.
-The License Options panel now directly supports changing SpaceClaim’s serial number.
-JT export now includes faceting options
-SketchUp translators now work on 64 bit environments.

Model Preparation (SpaceClaim Engineer only)

-Conceptual beam elements facilitate structural design.
-A beam library provides easy beam creation with standard sections.
-Beam extraction converts imported beams to conceptual beams.
-Enhanced geometry checking and repair makes it easy to diagnose common geometry problems.
-De-featuring is faster than ever with new round slicing tools.
-New Check Clearance tool finds volumes of small clearance between bodies, facilitating volume extraction and merging assemblies.
-Several ANSYS add-in enhancements, including the ability to transfer beams and pattern count dimensions, make it more convenient to optimize models from within ANSYS® Workbench™ 2.0.
-The new Isolate command provides the ability to hide all but a selection of bodies.
-The Extend and Stitch tools include many enhancements for model repair.
-Sheet metal unfold supports sheet metal bend.

Direct Modeling

-Bodies can be locked to prevent unintentional modification.
-New round creation techniques allow rounds to be placed in more complicated situations, including edge-to-face and face-to-face placement, improved variable round creation, and simultaneous inside and outside rounds on thin geometry.
-Curves imprinted on faces can be easily manipulated, facilitating conceptual sketching in 3D.
-Numerous other enhancements to surfacing, patterning, and construction geometry maintain SpaceClaim’s lead in direct modeling.
-Pull and Rotate Up To now work on edges as well as faces.
-Blending a set of points can now create line chains, and points can be extruded, rotated, and swept into curves.
-Advanced highly-curved sweeps can be created with multiple trajectories
-Patterns now directly support sketches, planes, axes, origins, and assembly components along a curve.
-Pattern recognition supports more cases and has an improved user interface.
-3D curves now support scaling, trimming, splitting, and filleting.
-Groups in components can appear in higher-level assemblies.
-Sheet metal walls can be created across bodies.

Multi-touch and User Interaction

-Windows 7 support, 32 and 64 bit.
-Hands-on interactive solid modeling using up to four fingers provides a more immersive user experience.
-New selection techniques such as four-finger box select and lasso select make the most common 3D interactions faster than possible with a mouse.
-Multi-touch view rotation and gesture support provide straightforward access to commands that would normally be hidden behind toggle keys and shortcuts.


-Dual-unit dimensions can show both metric and imperial values simultaneously.
-Bounding dimensions can show overall dimension of entire bodies.
-BOM tables can now display bounding size, volume, mass, and density (SpaceClaim Engineer).
-Data exchange enhancements include SketchUp, ACIS V20, RealDWG2010, IGES JAMA options, AutoCAD Inventor 2010 support (with Data Exchange Package 1), Parasolid V21(with Data Exchange Package 2).
P.S. 30.03.2010 Обновил до Севис пак 1

Надо создать переменную SPACECLAIM_LICENSE_FILE и прописать в нее путь к файлу лицензии.
(Например - C:\License\spcclm09.dat)

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