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VisMasters Online: V-Ray Training for Architectural Visualization

Производитель: VisMasters
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский

Специалист из 3DAS LLC Brian Smith раскроет Вам все секреты и тонкости работы с V-Ray рендером.

Продолжительность video - 08:07:04
Файлы проектов: прилагаются
The V-Ray renderer is a plug-in that allows 3ds Max users to bypass the default scanline renderer and achieve truly photorealistic quality with minimal effort. Because of its unsurpassed quality, speed, and ease of use, V-Ray has rapidly become the industry’s renderer of choice in the lighting of architectural visualizations, and is also a favorite among film and game producers.

On Demand Videos

The VisMasters V-Ray for Architectural Visualization on-demand videos are pre-recorded training lessons designed to teach the concept of global illumination with V-Ray and how to achieve it with photorealistic and transcendental qualities. Each module is taught by expert instructors who work day-to-day in the production of architectural visualizations. Throughout these modules, users will learn how to maximize speed and efficiency in the same type of architectural production environment. Each module is a 30 minute self-contained lesson that covers the critical settings of each major V-Ray feature, and builds upon the instruction provided with each subsequent module.

Training modules are designed for users with little or no experience in V-Ray or users who wish to become more proficient with the product. A fundamental level of experience with lighting in 3ds Max is also required.

Live Online Training

The VisMasters V-Ray Training for Architectural Visualization also includes access to eight 90 minute live online discussions (video and audio) featuring an overview of the each on-demand training module as well as demonstrations of the concepts in action.

Each online discussion begins with the instructor highlighting some of the key concepts explained in the on-demand videos and continues with an in-depth instructor led demonstration of how the concepts can be applied to a typical architectural visualization. Throughout the discussion, instructors solicit comments and questions and randomly call on students to explain their understanding of key features.
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