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Lynda.com - Python 3 Essential Training
Производитель: Lynda.com
Год выпуска: 2010
Страна: США
Язык: английский
Автор: Bill Weinman
Продолжительность: 6:30 ч
Формат: клипы QuickTime (.mov)
Видео: AVC 960x540 15 fps ~60Kbps
Аудио: AAC 48kHz 2ch 96Kbps
Файлы примеров: присутствуют
Описание: Due to its power, simplicity, and complete object model, Python has become the scripting language of choice for many large organizations, including Google, Yahoo, and IBM. In Python 3 Essential Training, Bill Weinman demonstrates how to use Python 3 to create well-designed scripts and maintain existing projects. This course covers the basics of the language syntax and usage, as well as advanced features such as objects, generators, and exceptions. Example projects include a normalized database interface and a complete working CRUD application. Exercise files accompany the course.
Topics include:
* A Python 3 quick start for experienced developers
* Creating functions and objects
* Using Python’s built-in objects and classes
* Repeating code with loops and iterators
* Understanding and using conditional expressions
* Creating sequences with generators
* Reusing code with objects and libraries
* Handling errors with exceptions
1. Introduction 05:14
Welcome 01:32
Understanding prerequisites for Python 02:04
Using the exercise files 01:38
2. Python Quick Start 33:29
Getting started with "Hello World" 04:43
Selecting code with conditionals 04:45
Repeating code with a loop 04:13
Reusing code with a function 02:43
Creating sequences with generator functions 02:46
Reusing code and data with a class 04:39
Greater reusability with inheritance and polymorphism 07:17
Handling errors with exceptions 02:23
3. Setting Up Python 17:01
Installing Python 3 and Eclipse for Mac 08:45
Installing Python 3 and Eclipse for Windows 08:16
4. General Syntax 28:00
Creating a main script 03:27
Understanding whitespace in Python 04:08
Commenting code 03:28
Assigning values 03:37
Selecting code and values with conditionals 04:46
Creating and using functions 03:54
Creating and using objects 04:40
5. Variables, Objects, and Values 31:23
Understanding variables and objects in Python 02:46
Distinguishing mutable and immutable objects 02:41
Using numbers 03:34
Using strings 06:38
Aggregating values with lists and tuples 04:55
Creating associative lists with dictionaries 04:24
Finding the type and identity of a variable 04:45
Specifying logical values with True and False 01:40
6. Conditionals 09:42
Selecting code with if and else conditional statements 02:22
Setting multiple choices with elif 02:14
Understanding other strategies for multiple choices 02:38
Using the conditional expression 02:28
7. Loops 11:26
Creating loops with while 01:27
Iterating with for 03:54
Enumerating iterators 03:22
Controlling loop flow with break, continue, and else 02:43
8. Operators 23:28
Performing simple arithmetic 02:14
Operating on bitwise values 03:30
Comparing values 03:32
Operating on Boolean values 02:59
Operating on parts of a container with the slice operator 06:52
Understanding operator precedence 04:21
9. Regular Expressions 11:34
Using the re module 01:04
Searching with regular expressions 03:12
Replacing with regular expressions 03:29
Reusing regular expressions with re.compile 03:49
10. Exceptions 09:10
Learning how exceptions work 01:18
Handling exceptions 04:15
Raising exceptions 03:37
11. Functions 23:01
Defining functions 06:23
Using lists of arguments 02:26
Using named function arguments 04:32
Returning values from functions 01:55
Creating a sequence with a generator function 07:45
12. Classes 47:29
Understanding classes and objects 05:12
Using methods 06:12
Using object data 10:04
Understanding inheritance 05:11
Applying polymorphism to classes 07:13
Using generators 09:48
Using decorators 03:49
13. String Methods 18:54
Understanding strings as objects 03:25
Working with common string methods 05:24
Formatting strings with str.format 05:31
Splitting and joining strings 02:49
Finding and using standard string methods 01:45
14. Containers 25:27
Creating sequences with tuples and lists 04:06
Operating on sequences with built-in methods 05:50
Organizing data with dictionaries 04:56
Operating on character data with bytes and byte arrays 10:35
15. File I/O 11:46
Opening files 02:04
Reading and writing text files 04:33
Reading and writing binary files 05:09
16. Databases 21:27
Creating a database with SQLite 3 06:56
Creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting records 07:31
Creating a database object 07:00
17. Modules 18:27
Using standard library modules 08:00
Finding third-party modules 05:47
Creating a module 04:40
18. Debugging 23:11
Dealing with syntax errors 08:19
Dealing with runtime errors 04:00
Dealing with logical errors 04:22
Using unit tests 06:30
19. Building a Database 19:56
Application Normalizing a database interface 06:39
Deconstructing a database application 08:09
Displaying random entries from a database 05:08
Conclusion 00:29
Goodbye 00:29
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