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Perl 5 Essential Training
Производитель: lynda.com
Дата выпуска: 23.04.2010
Страна: США
Язык: английский
Автор: Bill Weinman
Продолжительность: ~7 часов
Файлы примеров: присутствуют
Описание: In Perl 5 Essential Training, author Bill Weinman explains the fundamentals of programming in Perl, a flexible and powerful programming language that’s well suited for projects as varied as simple scripts to complex web applications. This course covers the details of the language, from conditionals, loops, and data structures to regular expressions, functions, and object-oriented programming. A quick-start guide is included for experienced developers who want to get up and running with Perl 5 fast. Exercise files are included with the course.
Topics include:
Understanding Perl's general syntax
Using data types effectively
Defining and calling subroutines
Modular and object-oriented programming
Prefix and postfix loops and conditionals
Performing math, manipulating strings, and working with complex data structures
Understanding regular expressions
Formatting code: best practices
Exploring the new features in Perl 5.10Формат: клипы QuickTime (.mov)
Видео: AVC 960x540 15fps ~100Kbps
Аудио: AAC 48kHz 2ch 96Kbps
0. IntroductionWelcome 01:45
Using the exercise files 01:46
Prerequisites 02:34
What is Perl? 04:31
Installing ActiveState's ActivePerl on Windows 04:01
Installing Eclipse on Windows 11:34
Installing Eclipse on Mac 08:251. Perl Quick-Start Guide for Experienced ProgrammersHello World 03:23
Counting lines in a file 02:47
Using a loop in Perl 04:34
Using subroutines in Perl 05:55
Using Perl's documentation 02:232. General SyntaxUnderstanding how Perl uses whitespace 04:37
Terminating statements with semicolons 04:53
Creating comments 05:12
Best practices for formatting code 05:283. Variables and ValuesUnderstanding values and variables 02:18
Declaring numeric variables 06:31
Declaring character string variables 07:36
Declaring lists and arrays 06:15
Pulling slices from arrays 03:31
Understanding hashes and associative arrays 06:54
Getting value pairs using the each function 04:27
Understanding the undef value 05:444. Statements and BlocksAssigning values to variables 02:24
Using statements and expressions 05:12
Combining statements into blocks 02:54
Understanding scope 05:345. Conditional StatementsUnderstanding conditional statements 01:57
Creating conditionals with if 05:03
Extending conditionals with else 02:09
Extending conditionals with elsif 04:53
Building if statements with postfix conditionals 03:08
Creating negative conditionals with unless 02:47
Using the ternary conditional operator 03:456. LoopsUnderstanding loops 00:52
Creating loops with while 02:16
Creating loops with until 02:55
Iterating lists with foreach 02:53
Iterating lists with for 04:49
Using loop control statements 02:21
Building loops with postfix statements 04:417. Special VariablesUnderstanding special variables 02:29
Using special variables 05:23
Working with special file handles 06:39
Using special constants 02:548. OperatorsPerforming basic math with arithmetic operators 04:33
Creating conditionals with comparison operators 04:36
Combining conditionals with logical operators 08:18
Reading file metadata with file test operators 04:50
Creating a sequence with the range operator 02:52
Combining strings with the concatenation operator 02:18
Streamlining strings with quote operators 04:05
Understanding operator precedence 04:249. Regular ExpressionsUnderstanding regular expressions 01:18
Searching and replacing text with regular expressions 07:02
Extracting matches with parentheses 03:47
Matching wildcards 05:53
Matching classes of characters 04:33
Creating arrays with split 03:3510. SubroutinesUnderstanding subroutines 01:05
Defining and calling subroutines 04:33
Using arguments with subroutines 03:07
Understanding scope and "my" variables 03:27
Returning values from a subroutine 03:2911. References and Data StructuresUnderstanding values and references 04:26
Defining array references 06:40
Defining hash references 06:00
Building mixed data structures 06:3312. File I/OUnderstanding streams and files 01:52
Using file handles 06:01
Using the object-oriented interface for handling files 08:41
Working with binary files 07:4313. Built-In FunctionsManipulating strings with built-in functions 07:03
Working with numbers 04:21
Manipulating lists and arrays with built-in functions 05:35
Retrieving and formatting time 05:4314. ModulesLeveraging code with modules 01:39
Understanding object-oriented and procedural modules 02:24
Creating modules 09:51
Understanding object and instance data 05:38
Installing modules from CPAN on Mac and Unix 05:37
Installing modules from CPAN on Windows 04:2615. Documentation with PODUnderstanding POD 01:30
Documenting with POD 04:56
Exploring a POD document 02:4416. New Features in Perl 5.10Using Perl 5.10 01:39
Displaying text with say 01:23
Selecting from multiple choices with given and when 05:06
Keeping persistent variables with state 03:0617. Exploring Web DevelopmentExploring CGI 05:28
Using a database 08:21
Developing a module library 06:4718. ConclusionGoodbye 00:40

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