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Gnomon - Master Classes. 18 classes

Производитель: Gnomon
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Join the Gnomon School of Visual Effects for two weeks of new exclusive classes in an interactive, online event. Each 2-3 hour class focuses on a different element of the VFX industry and allows individuals to discuss the content with the instructors throughout the event. One ticket purchase gives you access to all 18 classes!
Motion Control and Flashlights
Instructor: Grzegorz Jonkajtys
In this presentation Grzegorz talks about the inspirations and creative process of his award winning shorts Ark and Legacy.
A Generalist's Guide to VFX from Production to Delivery
Instructor: Andrew Orloff
Join Andrew Orloff of Zoic Studios while he examines the process of producing effective VFX shots.
Matte Painting and VFX Art Direction
Instructor: Jonathan Berube
Use mixed media to create visuals used to support art direction and look development for films.
From Concept to Film: Digital Characters and VFX
Instructor: Maks Naporowski
This workshop demonstrates a shot from a live-action fantasy short film that involves actors interacting with a CG character.
Character Modeling for Production: 'The Villian' Bust
Instructor: Ian Joyner
In this workshop we will start from a generic head and create an iconic villain character using Zbrush, Photoshop and Max.¨
Concept Sculpting
Instructor: Ian Joyner
Use Zbrush and Photoshop to concept characters on the fly.
ZBrush for Character Artists
Instructor: Ryan Kingslien
In this workshop we focus exclusively on the tools and techniques that will make you a better artist inside of ZBrush.
ZBrush for Environments
Instructor: Ryan Kingslien
This workshop demonstrates ZBrush’s advanced sculpting toolset for environment artists and looks at creating backgrounds for next-gen games.
ZBrush 3.1 In Production
Instructor: Ryan Kingslien
Take a look at how to get your sculpting out of ZBrush and into Maya 2009.
Creature Head Texture Look Dev
Instructor: Alex Alvarez
In this workshop Alex will show his techniques for designing the texture style for a creature head.
Mudbox 2009
Instructor: Marcel de Jong
In this workshop we will discuss the principles and workflow of Mudbox 2009 and how to integrate it into a Mudbox and Maya pipeline.
Vehicle Rendering: Retro Russian Skimmer
Instructor: Christophe Desse
In this workshop Christophe Desse will demonstrate the creation of a Russian Skimmer, with a focus on his artistic approach and simplicity.
Mental Ray: Production Practices
Instructor: Matt Hartle
Examine the steps necessary to produce a finished VFX shot from conception to the final composited rendering.
Mental Ray Lighting Techniques
Instructor: Jeff Patton
This workshop will focus on various lighting scenarios using the Mental Ray rendering engine.
Architectural Rendering
Instructor: Jeff Patton
This workshop will discuss lighting, texturing, and rendering an architectural interior and exterior scene.
Efficient Cinematic Lighting
Instructor: Jeremy Vickery
Using principles from his Practical Light and Color DVD, Jeremy will focus on simple, fast and efficient ways to light a scene.
Texture Painting: VFX Style
Instructor: Ted Davis
During this demonstration Ted Davis will outline various tips and techniques for developing texture maps for use in VFX.
Fluid Simulations in Destruction
Instructor: David Schoneveld
Use fluids to simulate dust/smoke created during a demolition, demonstrating Maya's fluid simulation attributes applied to destruction.
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