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cmiVFX - Houdini Intro to Subsurface Scattering
Год выпуска: 2010
Производитель: cmiVFX
Сайт производителя: http://www.cmivfx.com/tutorials/view/210/Houdini+In...rface+Scattering
Автор: Georges NAKHLE
Продолжительность: 0:55:19
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: These high definition training videos cover Houdini's subsurface scattering tools. Using Mantra, these lessons cover working with materials and rendering this type of material.
Этот урок раскрывает особенности использования subsurface scattering tools в программе Houdini. Использование рендора Mantra. Эти уроки раскроют основы работы и рендора с материалами данного типа.
Subsurface Scattering
As usual, Houdini offers many ways to accomplish a task and the same goes for Subsurface Scattering. We'll
dive into the world of SSS and the different methods it offers. Using strait forward examples, you will
understand how to use this feature and what is needed for it to work correctly.
Lights And Materials
Light affect directly the SSS results. We'll talk about how to create and assign the non SSS materials and
most importantly, how to create the SSS material for our juice. Understanding how to start a material, if it
is a modified built in Houdini material or if you'll be starting from scratch is always something to think
about when searching the right look for your render. Mastering attributes on the points of an object and use
them inside your shading network will become clear to you.
Render Refinements
To finish off this image, you still need to create the material for the straw, which will also need SSS, so
you will apply one more time what you've learned so far to create that material and get your Juicy result!
About The Author
Georges Nakhle is 25 years old, lebanese, and has a masters degree in mechanical engineering. he has a wide
artistic and scientific knowledge, he began his art steps with traditional painting and sculpting then gained
a diploma in dramatic monologue (acting -singing), he has worked as a writer and perfomer in radio and TV.
combining arts and science led him to CG, so he mastered many tools including Maya and Houdini among others,
he's also a programmer so he's currently working for Dassault Systemes in Paris-France and he had also worked
in combination between Dassault-Systemes and Mental Images the makers of mental-ray. He is very picky about
the details and he believes that every small detail contributes to the finished product.
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Формат видео: MPEG
Видео: MPEG4 Video, (H264), 960x544, (16:9), 239 Kbps, 14.960 fps
Аудио: AAC, 164 Kbps, 48000Hz, mono
Format : MPEG-4
Format profile : Base Media / Version 2
Codec ID : mp42
Overall bit rate : 407 Kbps
Writing application : HandBrake 0.9.4 2009112300
Video #1
ID : 1
Format : AVC
Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile : High@L3.1
Format settings, CABAC : No
Format settings, ReFrames : 2 frames
Codec ID : avc1
Codec ID/Info : Advanced Video Coding
Bit rate mode : Variable
Bit rate : 239 Kbps
Width : 960 pixels
Height : 544 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Frame rate mode : Variable
Frame rate : 14.960 fps
Original frame rate : 14.917 fps
Minimum frame rate : 7.462 fps
Maximum frame rate : 15.625 fps
Color space : YUV
Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0
Bit depth : 8 bits
Scan type : Progressive
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.031
Stream size : 94.4 MiB (59%)
Writing library : x264 core 79 r1347 5ddd61b
Audio #2
ID : 2
Format : AAC
Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec
Format version : Version 4
Format profile : LC
Format settings, SBR : No
Format settings, PS : Yes
Codec ID : 40
Bit rate mode : Variable
Bit rate : 164 Kbps
Maximum bit rate : 243 Kbps
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Channel positions : Front: L R
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
Stream size : 65.1 MiB (40%)
Language : English

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