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CINEMA 4D / Tutorials by 3DKiwi

Год выпуска: 2006-2009
Производитель: http://www.3dkiwi.co.nz, http://www.c4dcafe.com
Язык: английский
Описание: И вновь шаровые туторы, собранные мной до кучи для всенародного удобства.
В раздаче все уроки достопочтенного Киви, за исключением блуждающего на сайте BP- та.
На названия особого внимания обращать не стоит, ибо это не обучающий курс.
Где мог обозвал их соответствующе, некоторые объединил в папки (там где тутор разбит на части).
Файлы проектов в наличии, аццким акцентом Киви не награжден, объясняет доходчиво,
правильный плеер для свифок в комплекте...вроде все)
I've been into computers since buying a SinclairZX Spectrum with the collosal memory of 48kb about 25 years ago (still got it and it still works). Games had to be loaded from a cassette recorder and took up to 5 minutes to load. Boy they used pack a lot in those 48kb!! Remember Jet Set Willy or the Ultimate games like Jetpac and Knight Lore? Anyway an Amiga 500 followed a few years later. On both the Spectrum and Amiga I used to type in Basic and machine code programs from magazines and learnt Basic programming. My first PC was a 386SX 25mhz and running Windows 3.0. Since then I've upgraded a few times and in recent years I've built my own PC's from parts. Before getting into 3D graphics I did quite a bit of Delphi programming and wrote a number of Solitaire card games for PC's. You can download these from the downloads section here.
I've been using C4D since December 2003 when I picked up a magazine with the free CE6 version on the cover. I was mighty impressed with it. At the same time I had entered an animation competition at 3DCommune to win Cinema 4D or a copy of Bodypaint. Well I didn't win but came in runner up with my midi driven animation. This scored me a copy of Bodypaint 2. However I was so impressed with CE6, Maxon kindly agreed to swap BodyPaint for C4D 8.5. In May 2004 I bought the 8.5 XL bundle as I wanted the modules. A few days before Christmas 2004, Maxon kindly provided me with a rel 9 Studio Bundle so that I could review it and produce tutorials. In 2007 I was invited to join the Beta testing team by MAXON.
My background in 3D is first Bryce 2 and 4 from about 1998 onwards then more recently trueSpace 5 and 6.6. I was a Beta tester for trueSpace for about 18 months. I'm really into animating machines and gadgets and I've been fortunate to win the Caligari monthly animation competition a few times. In 2003 I was blown away by the excellent midi driven animation by Animusic that I wanted to do the same thing. So far I've been able to come up with a prototype Visual C++ plugin for trueSpace to convert midi data into driving the animation and I'm looking forward to doing bigger and better in C4D with its more advanced animation tools. This is how I met up with another 3D artist and coder Crew Reynolds who had similar interests in midi music to drive animations.
The idea to begin C4D Cafe came after Crew and I were talking about how there wasn't a site that catered for Cinema 4D animators. Jokingly, we tossed around the idea of starting our own site. This soon turned into a plan to put a site together. It was never really my intention to get into the tutorials but the more I've been doing them, the more I've learnt about Cinema 4D and Bodypaint and now I really enjoy making them.
In 2007 Crew stepped down from the day to day running and ownership of the Cafe. The Cafe is now owned 100% by Nigel Doyle (3DKiwi).
I had an interesting youth and went to school and was friends with LOTR director Peter Jackson for quite a few years until we parted our ways as teenagers. Both of us were into model making, toy soldiers and going to the movies a lot. From going to see the James Bond movies with Peter, I developed an interest in collecting James Bond memorabillia and now I have quite an extensive collection.
When I'm not glued to my PC I'm a full time Photographer doing School and Sports team photos. Previously I had been a Department Store Manager for Farmers Trading Co. I enjoy jogging and walking. Usually I try to compete in 1 marathon each year.
I live in Feilding New Zealand. I'm 47 years old. Married 22 years to Janet with 2 teenage children.
1st Place - Test Challege Award
• Telescopic Pipes
• Animate Planetary Orbits (Orrey)
• Adding a toolbar button and editing a folding palette
• Release 10 Object Manager Enhancements
• Object Manager Layers
• Creating and using Render Presets
• Boundary to Quad / Circle (BodyPaint)
• Morphing with TP (PBlurp Node
• Simulate Knurling with the Tile Shader
• Make Pyrocluster render quicker
• Split Command
• Navigating, Changing Views, Using View Panels & Using Cameras
• Make the Null Object the first object on the Modelling Flyout menu
• Customizing C4D
• Digital Clock / Countdown or up timer
• Animating Sketch & Toon Lines
• Applying Materials
• Texture Mapping & Using Images as Textures
• Roll out the red carpet
• AutoRename
• Introduction to Modelling Clothes with Clothilde
• Hypernurbs modelling in R9, R10 & R11
• The Inner Extrude Tool
• Animating a Newton's Cradle with NLA
• C4D 20 Handy Tips
• Creating Chicken Wire with the Tile Shader
• Swinging Objects using Spline Dynamics
• Model a Toon Dog
• Soft Selections
• New Selection tools
• User Data / Animating with Sliders
• Calculate surface area of polygons
• Model a Mobile Phone
• Hair Dept - Monster Edition
• Symmetry Clamp
• Using the Symmetry Clamp Plugin
• The Melt Tool
• Navigating in CINEMA 4D
• Release 10 Rigging
• Rendering a White Background & Ground
• Doing Grainy White Renders
• Global Illumination Rendering
• Compositing objects into background photographs
• Animated LED Lights with MoGraph
• MoGraph - Playing with Invisibility
• Creating realistic looking Chrome
• The Connect Object
• Sketch & Toon - Transparency
• Hanging chain with (HAIR) spline dynamics
• Drive - Generating tyre smoke with TP
• Align to Path Tag
• Using Animated Textures
• The Axis Tool
• Particles Follow a Spline
• Using Object Library Presets
• Lighting Tool
• Making a texture stick to clones
• Compiling Still Images into an Animation with VideoMach (PC Only)
• Spirograph
• Abstract Images
• Animate a Helix Coil with Soft IK
• MOCCA - 4. Visual Selector
• Cardman - Newbie rigged character
• Jigsaw Sphere
• MOCCA - 2. General Information / Interface (Joints & Rigging)
• MOCCA - 3. Forward Kinematics/ Inverse Kinematics (FK/IK)
• Fun with the Spline Shader
• Reset Sliders
• Add / update null bone R9.5 / 9.6
• Computer Mouse
• Simple Car Trailer
• Zoom and Rotate All Views
• Boat on waves
• Axis Centre
• Lights to simulate mist
• Fizz (Particle dynamics without TP)
• XPresso powered doors
• Harley Davidson MotorCycle
• Gunfight
• Frames Per Second
• Volume Light Through a Window
• Rubik Cube
• Mech Spider
• Film Strips
• Simulating a shower
• Animated fuse with particles and lights
• Animating a Matrix Extrude
• Puff of smoke
• Creating Rain with the Ripple Shader
• Ripping Cloth
• Pyrocluser Smoke
• Turning pages
• Animated Heat Haze
• Reset Rotation
• Speedy
• Toon Stingray
• Sphereman - Various Rigs
• Manually drawing particles with PDraw
• Using the TP Surface Emitter Preset
• Modelling & Animating a Snow Globe
• Surface Morphing
• Model & Animate a Lava Lamp
• Simulating Underwater
• Setting up Reference Images R9 & R10
• Holes, Booleans & More Holes
• Model a Jet Fighter
• Modelling & Texturing a Can of Beans
• Dice Modelling
• Modelling a Coin or Medal
• Intermediate Modelling R9 & R10
• Model a Chess Pawn
• Generating polygons from projected splines
• Creating a pretty picture with Mr Bean
• Model a Lightning Bolt
• The Modelling Axis
• Model a Christmas Tree Branch
• Fun with Splines
• Beginners Character Modelling
• Photographing objects to make reference images
• The Slide Tool
• The Knife Tool
• The Weld Tool
• Sweepnurbs (plus 9.6 features)
• World & Object Coordinate Systems
• The Bridge Tool
• The Disconnect & Split Commands
• The Bevel Tool
• The Extrude Tool
• The Phong Tag
• The Magnet Tool
• Duplicate & Arrange
• Align to Path & Spline Expressions
• Measure & Construct tool
• Wind Deformer - Make a Flag Wave
• PoseMixer
• Fun With Clothilde
• Motion Targetting & Blending
• Rigging a hand (Bones)
• Using Motion Builder with C4D
• P2P (Pose to Pose)
• Fragmenting objects with PFragment
• Controlling Morphs with a 2D Vector Field
• Fun with Soft IK
• Ripping Cloth
• Intro to Animating (R9)
• Simulating Water with Vector Motion Blur & Particles
• Laser Light Show
• Fun with Pyrocluster
• Controlling Deformers with Vertex Maps
• Animating Machine Gun Holes
• The Bobsleigh Run
• Release 8 & 9 Timeline
• The F-Curve Manager
• Alpha Channels
• Exporting a UV Map from Bodypaint to Photoshop
• Applying Images to Objects in BodyPaint
• Animated Video Cube
• Calculating Wheel Rotation
• Simulating MoGraph's Tracer Without MoGraph
• Script Manager
• XPresso - Telescopic Pipes 2 - Cables, Pulleys & Spring
• Customizing the V Key Popup menu
• Depth Of Field (Without AR
• Wireframe Rendering / Cel Renderer
• Rendering Animations
• Basic Lighting
• Thinking Particles with MoGraph
• Cloning Emitters with the Data node
• Blowing in the wind
• Fun with MoGraph
• Fun with Tracer
• Creating grass / simple dynamics
• Creating a Furball
• SplineTools
• N.O.T.A. Tutorial 1 - Lite version
• N.O.T.A. Tutorial 2 - Simulating particles following a spline
• Path Deformer Tutorial 1 - Deform a Milk Bottle
• Release 10 Timeline

Видео кодек: Flash (swf)
Видео: ~800 x 575 - ~1020 x 700/ ~5-10 fps
Аудио: ~16-32 kb/s, mono

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