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QuadSpinner - Vue. Realistic Procedural Terrains

Производитель: QuadSpinner
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский
Описание: This easy-to-learn tutorial will show skeptics that you can create stunning terrains in Vue. The spotlight is on the “Terrain Fractal” as introduced in Vue 7. Presenter Dax Pandhi, a recognized Vue master and passionate digital artist, shares some of his favorite methods to create outrageously realistic terrain elements. Dax’s approachable style is easy to follow and will boost your confidence in the technology.
- Learn to use and push the limits of the Terrain Fractal
- Easily conquer the Function Editor
- Mix fractals in unique ways to achieve more detail
- Combine nodes and experiment with the Function Editor
- Surprise yourself by spinning truly grand terrains
- Explore how a single terrain offers you many different scene opportunities
- Produce unlimited terrain variations from one core terrain
- Create dramatic mountains & cliffs
- Create multiple versions of real-life erosion
- Spin terrains with infinite amounts of detail fast
Видео кодек: Windows Media
Видео: WMA3 574 Кбит/сек 1280x800 (1,600) 15,000 кадр/сек
Аудио: WMA2 48,0 Кбит/сек 1 канал 44,1 КГц

Скачать QuadSpinner.-.Vue.Realistic.Procedural.Terrains.[2009.г.].torrent без регистрации
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