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Geekatplay Studio Vue Tutorials Epic Landscapes

Производитель: Geekatplay
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
in Vue 6. Welcome to Epic Landscapes. These tutorials range from 11 to 30 minutes, providing inspiration for creating your own worlds. We do explore the technical use of Vue a little bit, but this series is more focused on the creative use of the application. Each tutorial demonstrates a whole project, while highlighting specific tools in Vue such as materials, terrain, atmosphere, etc.. There are a total of 280 minutes of video tutorials.
1. Green Valley [20:44]
- Overview of a green valley at the beginning of the summer in a higher altitude terrain at mid day.
2. Lava Path [14:51]
- Pacific island with a stream of lava cooling down, after a small eruption.
3. Tree Man [30:33]
- A magic forest. Hiding among the old trees is the forest guardian. Be quiet, dont make any noise.
4. Marshes [17:57]
- Marshes lay at the foot of mountains. Long grass and low fog make this the perfect place for a frog kingdom.
5. Epic Materials [26:57]
- Gold veins in rock. Here, we'll create unique rocky materials to enhance our landscapes.
6. Snow Mountains [25:26]
- High reaching mountains with only a small path between the rough peaks.
7. Moon Lake [11:02]
- A big moon rises over a summer lake.
8. Snow Valley [20:07]
- Winter in the valley. Snow covered trees and ground that looks like life has been temporarily frozen still.
9. Rocky Valley [17:27]
- From one kingdom of humans to another. Rolling lands with rocks and grass.
10. Tree of Life [15:11]
- In the middle of the forest grows the Tree, from which all trees began.
11. Green Fields Wallpaper [12:53]
- Bright and sunny. Tired of your current desktop background? Create your own unique image.
12. Western Rocks [20:09]
- Creating multilayer materials for epic landscapes
- Advanced function editor
13. Western [15:12]
- In the middle of the west desert, Utah.
14. Forest Road [29:49]
- A hidden path deep in the forest. Stay on it, it's easy to get lost in the trees.
Видео кодек: VPx
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