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Maya to ZBrush to UDK
Год выпуска: 2010
Производитель: UndergroundEducation
Сайт производителя: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=343734917907
Автор: Carl Newby
Продолжительность: 04:54:27
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: This series covers the creation of static meshes in Maya and generation of Normal, Height and Texture Maps in ZBrush.
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Формат видео: MP4
Видео: AVC, 453 - 2 110 Kbps, 1 280x720 pixels, 15.000 fps
Аудио: AAC, LC, ~113 Kbps, 2 channels, 44.1 KHz
Part 1 - Setting up Maya.
In this lesson we go through setting up Maya to work better with the UDK.
Part 2 - Begin Modelling in Maya.In this lesson we begin modelling our simple mesh in Maya.
Part 3 - Modelling in Maya continued.
In this lesson we continue modelling in Maya, adjusting UV's and applying a bend deformer.
Part 4 - Finishing touches in Maya.
In this lesson we put the finishing touches on the model in Maya, adjusting the scale for snapping to the UDK grid.
Part 5 - Export from Maya for ZBrush.
In this lesson we prepare and export the model in OBJ format for ZBrush.
Part 6 - Importing into ZBrush.
In this lesson we put import the model into ZBrush and set up groups for quick selections.
Part 7 - Creases and Subdividing in ZBrush.
In this lesson we crease the edges and try two different subdivision methods.
Part 8 - Smoothing the mesh in ZBrush.
In this lesson we clean up the hard corners and smooth the mesh.
Part 9 - Saving and layers in ZBrush.
In this lesson we change materials, save our ZTool (model) and setup a layer to begin sculpting.
Part 10 - Opening ztools, masking and basic details.
In this lesson we load in our ztool, apply masking to our mesh and add basic details using deformation.
Part 11 - Blocking out the rest of the basic details.
In this lesson we finish blocking out our basic details and overall shape of our mesh.
Part 12 - New layers at different subdivision levels.
In this lesson we increase our subdivisions and learn how to add new layers at higher levels.
Part 13 - Sculpting flow and (medium) blending details.
In this lesson we start working at a medium level of resolution to sculpt flow and give our mesh a more organic feel.
Part 14 - Sculpting finer details (and the Stitches brush).
In this lesson we use the Stitches brush type to create repeating patterns.
Part 15 - Sculpting finer details (Lazy Mouse).
In this lesson we touch up the results of the Stitches brush and use the Lazy Mouse function for long, flowing strokes.
Part 16 - Sculpting with Drag Rectangle and Alphas.
In this lesson we use the Drag Rectangle stroke type to emboss an alpha upon our surface.
Part 17 - Using Masking creatively.
In this lesson we look at setting up masking to give a greater degree of control as we sculpt our object.
Part 18 - Begin texturing (colouring mesh and base coat).
In this lesson we begin the texturing process bu filling the object with a base colour and apply general shading.
Part 19 - Texturing details with cavity masking.
In this lesson we continue texturing our mesh using cavity masking to apply colour to raised or indented portions of our model.
Part 20 - Texturing and embossing details with masking.
In this lesson we texture and sculpt simultaneously using a mask to emboss details on a surface.
Part 21 - Texturing, blending details and bordering mesh.
In this lesson we blend parts of the mesh together and apply a border to cover mesh seams in UDK.
Part 22 - Finishing and exporting the texture file.
In this lesson we put the finishing touches on our texture and export it out.
Part 23 - Exporting the normal and displacement maps.
In this lesson we go through the process of exporting out normal and displacement maps.
Part 24 - Preparing the texture and normal maps in Photoshop.
In this lesson we process the textures in Photoshop to save memory in UDK, using alpha channels for grey scale images.
Part 25 - Bringing in the mesh and setting up the material.
In this lesson we import the mesh into UDK and begin making the material from our textures.
Part 26 - Fixing colours and creating pulsing glows.
In this lesson we fix some of the problems with our material, tinting the specular and emissive channels with the colours from our material, and apply a pulsing effect to our glowing "eyes".
Part 27 - Applying a bump offset to the material and placing the mesh.
In this lesson we take a look at the bump offset node in the material editor and use it to create the illusion of depth.
Part 28 - Testing the material in game and creating collision meshes.
In this lesson we have a look at how the material looks in the game, applied to our new mesh and create our collision meshes.
Part 29 - Creating a low resolution version of the mesh.
In this lesson we simplify our base mesh to create a lower resolution version of our object.
Part 30 - Creating a high resolution version of the mesh.
In this lesson we import the higher resolution mesh that we exported from ZBrush and process it in Maya for use in UDK.
Part 31 - Reducing polygon counts in the high resolution mesh.
In this lesson we reduce the polygon count of our high resolution mesh.
Part 32 - Adapting the material with new textures and placement in level.
In this lesson we process the textures exported for the high resolution mesh and adapt the material with the new textures.
Part 33 - In game testing and completion of the unit.
In this lesson we view the finished product.

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