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Eva Wild Series Part 1: Modelling
Производитель: 3DTotal
Язык: английский
* Introduction
* Creating The Face - 15 movies
* Building the Head and Ear - 12 movies
* The Neck, Shoulder and Breast - 15 movies
* The Back, Abdomen and Groin - 15 movies
* The Limbs - 15 movies
* The Hand - 10 movies
* The Foot - 8 movies
* Finishing off
The training is presented and broken down in easy to follow steps, with several movies on each section, the earlier sections are also accompanied with printable pdf documents to assist the viewing and following process of the student.
All aspects of creating the finished model are taught in a way that artists will be able to learn at their own pace. Once these techniques have been learned they can be equally applied to all your future organic modeling projects.
HTML Interface:
Will work in all browsers and on all platforms. Less memory intensive allowing you to work in your 3d package and run the dvd at the same time
Full Resolution Flash Player Movies:
.swf files for quick and easy viewing. All movies have a custom control panel and slider bar for easy access to any part of the movie.
п.с. моделинг тетки в максе методом поли-бай-поли
п.п.с. на отдаче почти круглосуточно
Видео кодек: Flash
Видео: SWF

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