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cmiVFX Cinema4D Ultimate Learning System Vol.1
Производитель: cmivfx
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский
Overview 1-2
You will learn where to find the tools, how to navigate in the viewports, how to customize your hot keys, how to use the Tabs to clean up your interface, how to create a template file so every time you open C4D your own personal scene is loaded in full. You will also learn what the managers do and how you can use them in your favor. KEYWORDS: Cinema 4D Training, C4D, Bodypaint, Maxon
Workflow 1-3
One of the most important tools is the Attribute Manager. Here you will find everything you need to know about it. Learn how to use the Content Browser, not only to find the standard content, but to organize your own projects. Customization is natural in C4D.
Customization 1-4
With one of the strongest, rock solid interfaces, MAXON again proves its superiority in user experience. With intuitive controls, you will be able to create your own Cinema 4D user interface with all the bells and whistles you might want. Be the master of your own workflow.
When it comes to modeling, animating or assembling a scene, what u need to know is how to translate things around, select and snap. You will learn how to move things around with precision effortlessly. We will demonstrate all the selection tools so you can learn how to access them and see what they do. Snapping will be a "snap"!
Scene Management:
Never lose your objects again in a huge crowded scene. Get things properly arranged so anyone can take your scene and work without any complications. Most importantly, you wont lose precious time searching for items in the scene. Understand the concept behind the Content Manager, and how it can help you organize your data.
Layer Browser:
It will definitely be one of your favorites tools! With complex projects the most important thing is organization, so we don't lose time trying to figure things out. Here you will learn how powerful and helpful this little option can be in all steps of a project.
The Objects Manager:
In this chapter we will answer all the following questions: How things really work? How can I apply a deformer to an object? Why is this tool not affecting my object? What are those dots? Is there an easier way to find this? All those questions and more will be answered to make life easier.
The tool set is the very core of everything inside Cinema4D. Here you will learn how to use them and combine them into complex arrangements. Parent and child relationships are also explained here.
Because you need to walk before you can run. Even expert Cinema 4D guys will get a nice refresher course in where things are.
Although people say that a tool will always be a tool, Cinema4D stands out in the crowd to be one of the greatest and most powerful 3D software's around. With this first volume we will have the pleasure to introduce you to it.
This training presents logical instruction that has solid researched and tested information for all levels of artists wanting to start, migrate or integrate it in the day to day business. It offers detailed, practical information that goes beyond mere theory.
You will achieve the ability to start your own projects inside Cinema 4D with confidence. Each project you start will be accompanied by one of the best renderers and user interface experiences on the market.
Видео кодек: XviD
Видео: avi, 1024x768, 10 fps
Аудио: PCM, 22.050 kHz

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