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cmiVFX Cinema4D Ultimate Learning System Vol.3
Производитель: cmiVFX
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский
Polygon Modeling:
Learn how to choose the perfect primitive to start your elements and understand the idea behind the polygon editing tools by watching them in a real life situation. Find out how to add extra controls in your elements for later editing by taking advantage of some deformations from the huge list of deformers inside Cinema4D. KEYWORDS: Cinema 4D Training, C4D, Bodypaint, Maxon
UV Mapping:
To apply UV mapping to your objects is an art form that will bring your textures to another level of control. To know UV Mapping well requires time and experience. Here you will gather the necessary knowledge to start adding it to all your scenes using a few comprehensive steps that will give you the freedom to create.
Rigging And Constraints:
Add life like deformation controls in the main element from the scene using a combination of great deformers, helpers and constraints.This will allow you to think about the concept and workflow of how the tools connect to each other smoothly to produce interactive controllers that can help you animate or pose objects in the scene.
NURBS Modeling:
Using one of the most helpful tools inside Cinema4D we will introduce you to the NURBs modeling to create the base geometry for the ground of our scene and with this simple step you will be able to understand the power behind the NURBs to build organic modeling style with excelence.
Now we will take all the base modeling we did, and the rigged geometry so that you will understand how to increase significantly the amount of elements in the scene. Add randomness by making thoughtful changes in the rigged geometries that will give you a good comprehension of how to manipulate the elements.
Adding more detail to a scene is always a tricky thing to do, because if you put too much in, it will be too crowded. If you add just a little, it wont be enough. Here we will start the modeling of the details for this scene and we will spread them wisely to give just the right amount of elements.
Material Manager:
Without a doubt Cinema4D has one of the most complete shading systems around. Together we will find out all the details about the shader properties. Know what and where to search for things when you are creating your materials, how to apply them properly and how they communicate with each other to increase shading complexity.
Shading The Scene:
Now that we have it all figured out, it is now time to apply it to our scene. We will build each shader for the scene with care step by step and learn how to keep the material manager organized in a way that will be easy for us to find what we want. Most importantly, we will cook a render to see how our scene will come out.
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