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cmiVFX Cinema4D Ultimate Learning System Vol.4
Производитель: cmiVFX
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский
By using a pre made scene, all shaded and rigged of course, you will be introduced to the animation process by viewing it in progress. From character to environment, you`ll get a tactile feel on how to use the tools and combine them to get the right result. When we start getting in detail about the “why” and “how” you`ll be familiarized with the procedures. KEYWORDS: Cinema 4D Training, C4D, Bodypaint, Maxon
This is the headquarters of everything that happens in your animated scene. To use it properly, it is crucial to understand all aspects that surrounds it, how it will connect to other features to raise the options, and how to manage the layout to keep the focus on what needs to be refined. Many other topics will be talked in here to ensure that you are comfortable with the workflow.
Curve Editor:
After getting everything properly blocked and timed, you will be able to persist forward, to really push the limits and make everything better. You need to master this tool. The magic of splines and eases exist in a user friendly form that will lead you to the next level without a doubt. You just need to understand a few simple procedures that will unleash all those possibilities.
Walk cycles, balls bouncing, mechanical movements and all repetitive animations can benefit from a smart looping. Cinema4D gives you some excellent ones to optimize your work, if you need something like that. We go over all options for cloning and looping keys inside the timeline and Curve Editor. This will allow you to choose wisely which ones fit best in your project.
User Data:
Definitely one of the most versatile features inside Cinema4D. Learn how to animate them, how to change them, how to create your own custom sliders inside your projects. Learn what they are and how they can help you achieve what you want with less clicks in an organized interface that can be trigged whenever you want.
You will be introduced to the constraint tool. The opportunity to free your mind from the natural usage so that you can connect features together with the purpose of simplifying complex ideas without compromising the quality or functionality of the system that you want to build.
These are golden tools for everyone that wants to get serious about advance setups for animation, particles, controllers and an infinite number of other possibilities. With concise examples and exercises, you`ll be introduced to the xPresso world without headaches and you`ll also learn how the firefly scene was built with an extensive usage of simple xpresso tags.
MOCAP Files:
Why not blend several Mocap files or keyframe animations with Mocap? This segment is dedicated to bring you another xpresso adventure! We`ll build a expression to blend multiple Mocap files in anyway you want, arm from one file, legs from another and so on. It will be a smart retarget with any number of controllers that you want using only xPresso.
Видео кодек: XviD
Видео: AVI 1024x768 10 fps
Аудио: PCM 22.050 kHz
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