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3DS MAX and VIZ for Architects

Производитель: scottonstott.com
Язык: английский
Описание: 3ds Max & VIZ for Architects
This entire video education is available on one DVD-ROM or in 5 individual downloadable modules. The total running time is 1789 minutes - nearly 30 hours of immersive instruction. Click on each module below to learn more.
Module 1 - Starting
This module teaches you the essentials of working with 3ds Max and VIZ. Although no experience is required to begin with Module 1, advanced tips are peppered throughout so experienced users will gain valuable skills too. More...
Module 2 - Basic Modeling
Build a strong 3D modeling foundation with this module. You'll really understand how Max and VIZ work after viewing these 4 hours of video. Projects are included which reinforce newly acquired modeling skills. More...
Module 3 - Advanced Modeling
Learn how to model almost anything you can imagine with this module. Here you'll gain advanced modeling skills that empower you to sculpt splines, patches, mesh and polygonal geometry, NURBS, and AEC objects into the myriad forms of real world architectural objects. More...
Module 4 - Texturing
Learn how to use the material editor, browser, palettes, and navigator to craft realistic looking textures. This module will teach you everything you need to know to master materiality in 3ds Max and VIZ. More...
Module 5 - Rendering
Bring your geometry and materials to life by learning to control cameras, light, shadow, atmosphere and mood in your 3D scenes. This module will teach you the fundamentals needed to gain mastery of rendering in 3ds Max and VIZ. More...
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