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The Gnomon Workshop
Digital Sculpting: Human Anatomy
ZBrush-to-Maya Workflow with Zack Petroc

Страна: USA
Жанр: Видеокурс
Язык: Английский
Продолжительность: ~ 2½ часа
Формат: DVD-ISO
Дата выхода: 15/12/2004
Приложения: ZBrush, Maya
Описание: In this DVD Zack Petroc presents a modern approach
to digital sculpting that includes technical discussions, and features
in-depth techniques for adding life and realism to your characters.
Using a Maya-to-ZBrush workflow, the viewer takes a step-by-step
look at how underlying muscles and bone structure affect the true
form of the human body. The Maya content highlights creating and
preparing a low-resolution base mesh, and includes techniques that
apply to other Poly modeling packages. The central part of this demo
takes place in ZBrush, with a comprehensive description of how to
develop anatomy while adding weight, balance, and realism to your
character. Finally, Zack showcases techniques for using the detailed
ZBrush mesh to create an organized animatable mesh in Maya. This
lecture is intended for all students and professionals who wish to
strengthen their character work through furthering their knowledge
of human anatomy.
Оф.сайт: http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/dvds/zpe01.html
Требования: 1280x1024 (1024x768), Quicktime, Flash, Acrobat

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