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Modo Mountain Bike Tutorial Series II - Animating and Texturing
Производитель: Zheral Multimedia
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский
Описание: Series II of Modeling a Mountain Bike in modo 401 starts with the model as finished at the end of Series I. Geoff shows how to use modo 401’s new animation tools to create a simple animation rig of the bike’s gears and wheels and animate it along a path.
The tutorial then continues to texture the bike and ends with a fully rendered scene. Geoff creates custom materials and also makes use of the new 401 material presets for the different parts of the bike. Dissect complex materials to get a better understanding of how to recreate your own surfaces.
1. Animating the bike - 16 minutes
Chapter 1 focuses on setting up the gears, pedals and wheels to all animate in unison using 1 driver control. It introduces some of modo 401's new animation controls like constraints and channel links.
2. Scene Setup - 16 minutes
In this chapter we will create the basic scene elements such as the floor, lights and hdr images which we will use for the final render.
3. Texturing Start - 29 minutes
We'll start texturing the bike using some material presets while making use of modo's uv tools to make sure the textures align correctly to the geometry.
4. Decal UVs - 8 minutes
Chapter 4 illustrates how to take the uv maps generated in modo and import them into photoshop to create the decals for the bike.
5. Tire Texture - 7 minutes
After applying the decals created in the previous chapter we continue texturing by starting with a 401 material preset and customizing it to suit our needs.
6. Texturing continued - 19 minutes
In this chapter we turn our attention to the handle bars. We create the uv maps necessary to create the indicator images making use of modo's paint tools to help us along the way.
7. Texturing continued - 13 minutes
Chapter 7 starts off with creating the uv map for the color and bump textures for the seat. We then use some procedural textures to get create the surface for the center gears cover.
8. Texturing continued - 14 minutes
We start chapter 8 by creating a multi layer paint material making use of 401's new clearcoat option in addition to some other nifty tools.
9. Texturing Complete - 19 minutes
In this chapter we finish texturing the bike, set up our render settings and render the final image. We also spend a few minutes digging a little deeper into the preset materials that ship with 401 to get a better understanding of recreating surfaces.
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