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Live Action in CG: Foundations
Производитель: Eat3d
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский

Instructor: Matt Skonicki
Programs used: Maya Boujou Combustion AfterEffects Photoshop
Duration: 145 Minutes (2 1/2 hours)
Live Action and CG: Foundations
In this demonstration the instructor starts off by explaining the shot and then tracking the footage using Boujou. Once the live footage is tracked, its on to Maya to start blocking out the scene and incorporating CG elements.
Everything from Ambient Occlusion, to Render Layers, to even Image Based Lighting is explained while in Maya. After all of the elements are rendered out of Maya, the last thing done is composing them together using Combustion and After Effects.
This tutorial is perfect for those who want a solid foundation on how to take your 3D models and incorporate them seamlessly into Live Action video.
What you get:
project files include:
- 11 Render Pass Sequences in HD
- 2 Maya 8.5 Files to follow along with the Tutorials
- 1 Photoshop file to follow along with the Tutorials
- 2 HDR Files
- Plugin Demos
- and more..
Section 1: Introduction and Using Boujou with Maya
This section includes:
- A brief overview of the various programs and plugins used throughout the DVD
- Importing your footage into Boujou and tracking the camera movement
- How to take the information from Boujou into Maya and aligning the camera to the scene
- Using a 3d cube to set you the Maya scene to work with the camera movement
Duration: 27 Minutes
Section 2: Understanding Ambient Occlusion and Maya's Render Layers
This section includes:
- Giving a detailed overview of Ambient Occlusion
- Going through different Ambient Occlusion parameters
- Giving a detailed overview of Maya's Render Layers
- Rendering out different examples help understand Render Layers
Duration: 15 minutes
Section 3: HDRI Imaging
This section includes:
- Using HDR Shop to generate a HDR image
- Setting up a scene to use Image Based Lighting
- Rendering different examples to show how Image Based Lighting effects the scene
- Using Photoshop to demonstrate the basics of compositing
Duration: 23 minutes
Section 4: Setting up the Shots in Maya and Rendering out the Passes
This section includes:
- Going through the Scene and explaining the different elements
- Going through all of the different 3d components and their purpose for the renders
- Going into detail about all the different render passes needed
- Rendering out the different passes
Duration: 57 minutes
Section 5: Compositing with Combustion and After Effects
This section includes:
- Using Combustion to start compositing
- Going into detail about the different compositing effects inside combustion
- Additional Compositing inside Adobe After Effects
- Adding last minute polish inside Combustion
Duration: 30 minutes
Видео кодек: Другой MPEG4
Видео: AVC at 150 Кбит/сек 788 x 648 1.216 at 15,000 кадр/сек
Аудио: AAC at 48,0 Кбит/сек 1 канал 22,05 КГц

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