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Gnomonology - The Making of Fume
Производитель: Gnomonology
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский
Описание: These chapters represent a technical overview of how the image 'Fume' was created using Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop.
In contrast to some of my other work on Gnomonology, Fume was created without any initial design direction.
There was no sketch to develop, as was the case with Jester or Trin. Therefore this tutorial demonstrates a
slightly different workflow as I allowed a design to evolve organically. The actual creation of Fume was not
recorded, therefore these lectures are all created in realtime as I explain, in detail, the process of creating
the image. 'Fume' has been toprow plugged at CGtalk, zbrushcentral, 3Dtotal and was a 'daily deviation' at Deviant Art.
Chapter One: Forms + Topology
The first decision was to create a new portrait of a humanoid bust. I begin with a very simple box model in
Maya that is brought into Zbrush to explore forms. Once I have settled on the general idea, the model is
retopologized in Zbrush. This tutorial gives a technical realtime demo of this process. I have included
the retopologized basemesh for you to study.
Chapter Two: Basemesh Maya Edit
The retopologized basemesh is brought into Maya for editing. The eyelids are given thickness, eyeballs and a mouth
interior are added including teeth and gums. The eyes and mouth interior were imported from previously created models.
The UVs are laid out in Headus UV layout and the objects are exported as obj's for Zbrush. The teeth and gums are
available for free here are Gnomonology.
Chapter Three: Zbrush Sculpting
The Maya tweaked bust basemesh is imported into Zbrush and a Ztool is created with subtools for the eyes, teeth and gums.
This lectures discusses the sculpting process for 'Fume' and how the sculpt evolved into its final form.
This is not a sculpting timelapse as I did not record the process of sculpting Fume. This is a techincal and aesthetic
discussion about how the sculpt was made. The lecture also includes a demonstration of how the normal maps were created
and exported.
Chapter Four: Maya Setup + Lighting
The Zbrush exported obj's and normal maps are imported into Maya and the shaders are setup. A useful technique for combining
normal maps for different objects on a single shader is demonstrated. I then explore lighting techniques using a combination
of Image Based Lighting, Final gather and direct illumination until I arrive at the final lightrig for 'Fume'.
During this process I also demonstrate how to create and export a polypainting cavity map in Zbrush, for use in my Maya
shading network.
Chapter Five: Photoshop Studies
The rather simple Maya render is brought into Photoshop for exploration and look development. I begin by demonstrating, in realtime,
an alternate path that Fume could have taken in Photoshop through the use of textures, layers and blending styles. We then examine
the Photoshop tests that led me to the decision that smoke and a cigarette would be added. My technique for photographing smoke is
discussed as well as my technique for integrating various elements.
Chapter Six: Final Composition
The cigarette is modeled in Maya, detailed in Zbrush, rendered in Maya and composited into the image in Photoshop. Rendering elements
separately in Maya using the 'black hole' opacity mode is discussed. The final photoshop comp for 'Fume' is examined and all of the
layers (about 20) are explained in detail.
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