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CG Academy - Lighting And Rendering Fundamentals 1 - Light And Colour Theory
with Chris Thomas
Производитель: CG Academy
Язык: английский

Описание: Это - первый DVD из серии, который научит Вас теории и практическим аспектам рендера и освещения в 3dsmax и Maya. В этом DVD произведен акцент на теоретической стороне освещения и цвета: отражение света, цветовая температура, динамический диапазон и многое другое. Этот DVD послужит хорошим основанием, на которое будет опираться второй и последующие диски серии.
This is the first DVD in a series that will teach you the theory and practical aspects of rendering and lighting within 3dsmax and Maya. This DVD focuses on the theoretical aspects of light and colour, such as light reflection, colour temperature, dynamic range and much more. This DVD forms a solid foundation on which the lessons of DVD2 and beyond will be built.
This DVD is aimed at a user that has a basic practical knowledge of 3dsmax or Maya. It does not require any previous knowledge about rendering and lighting and aims to teach the topic from the ground up.
Chapter 01: Evolution of Light: Part 1
Chris starts the series with an look into the art and developments in technology that have lead us to the current state of the art in rendering theory and technology. We start by looking at the earlier periods of art, running up to the 17th Century.
Chapter 02: Evolution of Light: Part 2
Chris continues his exploration of art history. In this chapter we cover the modern period. With the invention of photography, cinematography and the modern era and its explosion in special effects.
Chapter 03: Colour Theory Introduction
Here we look at the very basics of colour theory. Looking at topics such as the fundamental nature of light, how it is made up of a variety of wavelengths, is transmitted by photons. Also how the human eye works and the surface nature of materials.
Chapter 04: Additive Colour
Light uses the "Additive Colour Model" in this chapter Chris explores what this means and its implications.
Chapter 05: Using RGB Values In Software
When working in 2 and 3D software we have to make use of this additive colour system. In this chapter Chris looks at how we access the most basic exposure of this colour space, using the RGB model.
Chapter 06: Using HSV / HLS Values In Software
Chris then looks at the HSV / HLS colour model. An alternative to RGB that can be easier to use in many circumstances.
Chapter 07: Colour Depth And Storage Methods
How do we represent the colours of the spectrum and the very many intensities of each hue. And once we have such a system, how do we store these images?
Chapter 08: Subtractive Colour
When light hits a surface, some of its colours are absorbed. Here Chris explores the implications of this phenomena and the "Subtractive" Colour Model it creates.
Chapter 09: Colour Temperature & White Point
Light can have certain energies to it. This can cause light to have a noticeable colour tinge to it. Here Chris explores these phenomena and explains how we represent them with the Colour Temperature system and the concept of the "White Point".
Chapter 10: Dynamic Range & Image Exposure
When we see the world around us we can only perceive a small range of the energy levels around us at any one time. Here Chris explains this limitation and how new developments have lead to the concepts of LDR and HDR images.
Chapter 11: Low Dynamic Range Images
Chris explains in depth how the low dynamic range image perception and storage systems work.
Chapter 12: High Dynamic Rang Images
And he concludes the DVD with the more inclusive High Dynamic Range system that is currently at the centre of a revolution in lighting & rendering theory and technology.
Длительность: 3ч 33мин
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