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GeekAtPlay Studios Vue Tutorials, Volume Two
Производитель: GeekAtPlay
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Видео кодек: VPx
Видео: FLV4 992x752
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 22050Hz mono 96Kbps
Первую часть данного курса (GeekAtPlay Studios - Vue Video Tutorials, volume one) вы можете найти
This special DVD release contains 35 distinct videos tutorials. The DVD has same free tutorials as on our website, but you will have them in your hands, at your convenience, without the need for the internet connection. All of the 35 tutorials that were available on the day this package was released are on the DVD
70. God Rays Vue 6
Sky options.
Enable god rays option.
Setup clouds and sun position for best result.
Removing grain from rendering.
69. Rust On Box Edges Advance materials - Vue 6
Advance material creation.
Combining images and functions.
Set up mapping mode.
Rust on edge of box.
68. Creating Animated Logos In Vue Vue 6
Creating animated logo:
Setup animation keyframes.
Modifying animation spinelines.
Render animation.
67. Desert, Rising Hot Air Vue 6
Desert set:
Creating hot air movie filter.
Adding separation.
Animating hot air.
66. Icebergs, Water & Ship Vue 6
Material creation:
Creating icebergs.
Water with floatign ice.
Adding model and setup atmosphere.
65. Space, Red Dwarf & Supernova Vue 6
Creating space materials:
Red dwarf type sun, materials.
Supernova shockwaves.
64. Creating Jungle Vue 6
Workflow to create still image of jungle:
Setup terrain.
Composition, plants positioning.
Atmosphere set up atmosphere.
63 Tips To Creating Realistic Ecosystem Vue 6
Few tips about ecosystem:
Plants over plants, how to create hanging moss or ice on trees.
Function controled population.
Realistic looking colors.
62. Building Construction Kit Overview Vue 6
Bulding Construction Kit:
Loading and optimizing models.
Creat custom buildings.
Overview components.
61. From Closeup To Large Size Landscapes Vue 6
Large size landscapes:
Setup high detail areas for close up.
Creating large size landscape.
Set up atmosphere.
60. Backdrop For Your Web Projects Vue 6
Creating outstanding backdrop for you web interfaces:
Large size of terrain with realistic ecosystem.
Using Building Costruction Kit and Mega Packs.
Set up lighting and small post production adjustment.
59. Creating Animated Title Vue 6
Alpha planes:
Setup alpha planes in Vue 6.
Creating animation set with alpha planes.
Lighting and animation.
58. Oil Spill On Water Vue 6
Advance material:
Creating mix materials.
Function editor.
Adjustment layers.
57. Modeling Simple Bridges In Vue Vue 6
Simple modeling in Vue:
Creating bridge with boolean operations.
Creating layred texture for bridge.
Enchance clouds in sky.
56. Ventilators Vue 6
Ventilator and eco system:
Ventilator properties.
Linking vent to meteor.
Creating meteor animation and effecting ecosystem.
55. Shrine Vue 6
Setup model materials:
Mixing different type of materials.
Setting for sharper image.
Atmosphere setup.
Get free trial of Filter Forge. For PC only. Mac version comming soon.
54. Volcanic Island Vue 6
Mixing type of terrains:
Loading terrain image map.
Adding funcions to terrain.
Material managment.
53. Creating A Road Based On Material Distribution Vue 6
Creating realistic looking road:
Creating layers in photoshop.
Image base terrain map.
Assign material based on image distribution.
Ecosystem population based on image distribution.
52. Closeup On Ground Vue 6
Creating mixed material based on camera position:
Understending interpolation.
Creating mix material with controled distribution.
Creating high rez material around camera for close up.
You can animate camera and keep closeup texture around camera.
51. Fireworks Vue 6
Object duplication and scattering:
Creating light with animated properties.
Duplicate objects.
Simmulating fireworks.
50. Snow On The Hills Vue 6
Material distribution:
Creating custom terrain.
Reuse terrain filters.
Set distribution scale
49. Cloud Settings, High Atmosphere Vue 6
Removing grain from clouds:
Adjusting atmosphere settings for rendering.
Fly out from planet.
Resources from Lightwave community. greate forum, resources.
48. Camera Manipulation - Zoom, Zoom... Vue 6
Focal settings:
DOF limits.
Zoom and dolly.
47. Creating Waterfalls With Alpha Maps. Vue 6
Waterfalls with alpha maps:
Creating animated alhpa map.
Embeding map in scenes.
Free animated alpha maps avalible. click here to get them
46. Explosion Simulation Vue 6
Simulating explosion:
Object scattering.
Object manipulation.
45. Flying Test Vue 6
Camera animation:
Camera and object linking.
Creating smoke alpha plane in Vue.
Warning: due to bug in alpha planes, some techics in this tutorial may effect Vue application to nonstandard exit. In other words, it may crash, so save your work man!
44. Advance Materials With Filter Forge Vue 6, Filter Forge
Advance material creation:
Creating texture layers in Filter Forge.
Assign materials in Vue.
Get free trial of Filter Forge. For PC only. Mac version comming soon.
43. Strange Life Vue 6
Multiple techniques:
Creating realistic cracks in pavment.
Using building construction kit.
Setting atmosphere.
42. Camera Manipulation Vue 6
Camera settings and manipulation:
Creating and managing multiple cameras.
Camera path, and linking.
DOF and other wierd words.
41. Boxes Vue 6
Advance material creation:
Material functions.
Global transperency.
Understending functions.
40. Making Roads Vue 6
Three ways to making roads:
Material distribution road.
Boolean road.
Image mapped road.
39. Ground Fog Vue 6
Atmosphere manipulation:
Creating round rock valley.
Modifying clouds and atmosphere.
Cloud layer manipulation
38. Movie Filters Vue 6
Simulation optical filters:
Creating image base filters.
Alpha plane controls.
Enchancing image
* Filter library avalible inside Building Constraction Kit.
37. Lost Marbles Vue 6
Advance material manipulation:
Material functions.
Applying multilayers.
Creating lost marbles
* You can use same techics to create planets, eyes or christams decorations. Come to forum and post your idea.
36. Crop Circles Vue 6
Image map to create crop circles:
Creating image map.
Applying image map to echosystem.
Color adjustment
* narrator: Vladimir Chopine

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