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Gnomon - Master Classes 2009. All 16 classes
Производитель: Gnomon
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский
Описание: Join the Gnomon School of Visual Effects for two weeks of new, exclusive classes in an interactive, online event. Each 2-3 hour class focuses on a different element of the VFX industry and allows individuals to discuss the content with the instructors. One ticket gives you access to all 16 classes!
Digital Female Character Design and Creation
Instructor: Sze Jones
Learn to create breathtaking 3D females from Blur Studio's Sze Jones, covering both artistic and technical techniques.
Drawing From Design
Instructor: Feng Zhu
Acclaimed concept designer Feng Zhu shares how to create designs that strike a balance between uniqueness and mass-market appeal.
CG Survival Kit
Instructor: Jeremy Cook
Working hard and working smart are not the same thing. Learn to work more efficiently and make smarter decisions in your 3D workflow.
Creature and Character Design
Instructor: Neville Page
Neville Page, lead creature designer on Star Trek, shares how to utilize a variety of techniques to create a unique character design.
Dark and Stormy Nightmares: The Art of Dreaming on Paper
Instructor: Iain McCaig
Storyteller and artist Iain McCaig shows how to tap into your dream-mind.
Creature Development
Instructor: Alex Alvarez
Alex Alvarez will cover his 3D creature production process and how to work fast in the face of deadlines.
Environment Creation
Instructor: Martin Krol
Martin Krol will discuss the creation of a 3D environment utilizing Modo, Cinema 4D and ZBrush.
Traditional Art Values Applied to Digital Art
Instructor: Craig Mullins
Renowned digital painter Craig Mullins shares how he applies the timeless values behind traditional art to digital art.
Environment Modeling for Production
Instructor: Reo Prendergast
Reo Prendergrast of Blizzard Entertainment will show the creation of detailed environment assets, both organic and hard surface.
Mastering ZBrush 3.5
Instructor: Ryan Kingslien
Harness the power of ZBrush 3.5 for character, environment and concept design pipelines with Master ZBrush Artist Ryan Kingslien.
Overview of the Feature Film VFX Process
Instructor: Jeff Okun
Visual Effects Supervisor Jeff Okun walks us through the entire feature film VFX process, from beginning to end.
Workflow for the Animation Process
Instructor: Nick Whitmire
Nick Whitmire of Blur Studio shows you the complete workflow behind an animated scene.
The Digital Creature Creation Pipeline
Instructor: Alvaro Buendia
Alvaro Buendia of Blizzard Entertainment shares his process behind creating a digital creature.
Music Video Post-Production
Instructor: Ergin Kuke
Ergin Kuke will discuss the various tasks involved in post-production work for music videos, from concept to completion.
Sculpting Comic Book Statues and Maquettes
Instructor: The Shiflett Brothers
Learn to sculpt a comic book industry style statue from armature to fully roughed out sculpture.
Design and Visual Communication of Vehicles
Instructor: Scott Robertson
Scott Robertson will explain his approach to designing a variety of vehicle types for video games.
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