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Architectural Modeling – Charles Eames House
Производитель: Luxology
Язык: английский
Год выпуска: 2008
Видео кодек: 1280 x 720 QuickTime (H.264)
Продолжительность: 92 мин
Описание: Видео туториал по архитектурному моделированию в modo 302 + файлы проектов
The Charles Eames House
Architectural Modeling
In this video tutorial from Andy Brown of Luxology, we look at techniques for creating an architectural model in modo from a given set of dimensions that is suitable for architectural visualization.
Our subject for the modelling exercise is a classic building; part of the Charles Eames house situated in Los Angeles. It’s an incredible and important piece of design and the perfect subject for this tutorial as it allows us to tackle many different aspects of arch viz modelling, from creating a building’s skeleton right on through to interior and exterior detailing. It’s also a straightforward building with a very accessible design, which makes it the perfect subject for methodically gaining insight into using modo for this kind of 3D modelling.
Video Descriptions
Video 01 - Framework
(Total Run Time: 23m)
In this first video we build the column and joist assembly which form the main supporting structure of the building. It’s also a key motif in the design creating a repeating pattern across the ceiling. With such an exposed structure, as we model the building we need to be sympathetic to the way it was built and our approach is to replicate that as much as possible as we develop the skeleton of the building. In the process we use Grid Snapping, Absolute Scale and the Workplane to make sure everything is correctly aligned and dimensioned.
Supporting Content
One model: Video1Finished.lxo
One image: Framework.jpg
File Size:
Video 02 - Interiors
(Total Run Time: 27m)
In this second video we develop the upper and lower floors of the building. We use a fixed grid to trace out the walls from provided floor plans, and we use a combination of Absolute Scale and Drag Snapping to accurately create, position and open doors. We then use Booleans to create a stairwell, and at all times we take great care to ensure that everything is correctly aligned and scaled so that the upper floor blends seamlessly into the lower; breaking up the internal space of the building.
Supporting Content
Two models: Video2Start.lxo, Video2Finished.lxo
Two images: First_Floor.jpg, Ground_Floor.jpg
File Size:
Video 03 - Windows
(Total Run Time: 42m)
In the third video we complete the house by concentrating on the window openings, which are a fundamental element in both the interior and exterior of the building. One of the signatures of this house is the way the exterior of the building is segmented to form an elaborate grid pattern — which means that most of the window panels are slightly different. To create them we not only make use of the workplane, snapping and Absolute Scale, and we also utilize macro recording to allow us to create the window panels both quickly and accurately. The video shows you how to make your macros accessible via a pie menu.
Supporting Content
Two models: Video3Start.lxo, Video3Finished.lxo
File Size:

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