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Gnomon MEL for Character Animators

Производитель: Gnomon
Язык: английский
Видео кодек: QuickTime
Видео: Sorenson Video 3 Decompressor, 1024 x 748, Millions +.
Аудио: Mono 22 050 kHz.
In MEL for Character Animators, Kevin Mannens develops a wide variety of scripting techniques designed to speed up your character animation workflow and make your pipeline more efficient. He explains all scripts in an in-depth and step-by-step manner, aimed at making advanced users more productive in their day-to-day tasks. With this DVD, technically oriented animators will become proficient in developing project specific tools that will shave days off each production.
01: Introduction and Refresher
02: km_animControlCleanup:
Cleaning up Character Controls in a Jiffy
03: km_createDummy:
Creating Low-res Objects Based on Joints to Speed up Animation
04: km_rename: A Hierarchy Renamer
05: km_charControls:
Building a Channel Box Integrated Character UI

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