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Mudbox: Advanced Concepts
Производитель: Kurv Studios
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский


This video is the highly anticipated second title from Wayne Robson on Mudbox by Skymatter.
This title is designed to help artists create a Hyper Real Character in a very short time.
Wayne also shows you how to add 3DS Max to your Mudbox pipeline to create a character along
with character setup and finalization.
This title is more than 3 and a half hours long and goes into comprehensive detail on character modeling.
From blocking the chest to refining the face, you will be sculpting hyper real characters in Mudbox in a matter of hours.
Mudbox Advanced Concepts
Skymatter’s Mudbox 3D is the highly anticipated digital sculpting tool artists have been waiting almost a year for.
Mudbox has a fast efficient interface, its tools allow you to work fast and create amazing sculpted detail in a matter
of minutes. Highly complex photo real characters are easily attainable if you understand the tool set and work flow
of Mudbox. That’s where Mudbox Advanced Concepts comes in. The latest title from Wayne is sure to be a best seller
just like his debut title. Wayne takes the artist through building and refining the cover character while showing his secrets
to speed in sculpting. Using plain, well paced narrative Wayne takes the viewer on an eye opening exploration.
Topics Covered:
Normal Maps & Displacement Maps – 1.25 Hours
The first section of this video will give you an overview of the training. Wayne does not waist any time as he then immediately
goes into normal maps, displacements and generating maps. This goes into detail explaining how and why both maps types
work and when each type should be used. As well as covering their generation and use in 3D Studio Max.
Anatomy and Construction of the Human Body – 30 Min
Wayne explains a brand new way of learning human anatomy that cuts the time needed to learn it down from months to days or less.
This simple to learn revolutionary system is covered in detail and covers the entire human body and face.

Sculpting Project Drummer Character
– 2.75 Hours
This section of the DVD will show you how to put your new found knowledge to use. This section is more than 2 hours long and goes
into a comprehensive tutorial on modeling a character in Mudbox. Also explained is the proper set up and use of a Wacom tablet for
use in Mudbox.
About Wayne Robson:
Wayne Robson - is a freelance digital artist & professional writer who lives in Durham England behind a keyboard. He's sure he had a life
at some point but isn't quite sure where it disappeared to. Wayne fell into 3D accidentally and found he rather liked it. The last few years
have seen him go from being homeless, to becoming a respected artist in the field.
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