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Focal Press ( CINEMA 4D 10) Workshop PROJECT.FILES
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский
Описание: Проджект файлы к книге Arndt von Koenigsmarck (перевод тов.Штирлец) CINEMA 4D 10. Кроме проджект файлов в формате PDF глава 5 Workshop. Еще в папке находится плагин Photomatch и видеоурок как им пользоваться. Вообще информация полезная тем кто заинтересовался программой CINEMA 4D. Качать всем кто скачал это
Description: Model, animate and render with a practical command of all the essential functions and tools in CINEMA 4D 10. Detailed tutorials, suitable for novices and experienced users alike, demonstrate how to navigate the redesigned UI and orient you to the workflow. Next, the author guides you through the creation of a more complex project in which you model, create, apply textures, light, and render a final showcase image of a sports car. Finally, you will model, texture and prepare a comic character for animation using the new powerslider, timeline and the revised MOCCA module.
Build on your command of the essentials with an introduction to the new layer system as well as these advanced skills:
* Light, texture, and shade with CINEMAs material system, BodyPaint 3D, and the integrated shaders
* Build complex mechanical and organic models using NURBS and polygon tools
* Compose 3D content into photos
* Render with advanced techniques such as Multi Pass rendering, HDRI lighting and radiosity
* Simplify animation setups using XPresso constrains
* Work with specialized tools such as HAIR, Clothilde or SKY for special effects
The companion CD includes all of the required tutorial media, a bonus chapter on character modeling, Macintosh and PC demo versions of CINEMA 4D 10, and a limited edition of the PhotoMatch plug-in that permits you to easily insert 3D objects into photos.
* Covers all of the features of version 10 release including BODYPAINT 3D and the MOCCA module
* Tutorial-based approach demonstrates the workflow processes for modelling, texturing and animation
* Advanced features including HyperNURBS modelling, XPresso programming and the Advanced Renderer.
* Companion CD includes tutorial files, a demo version of CINEMA 4D and plug-in samples
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Аудио: 22050Hz

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