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Cinema4D and After Effects in Production
Производитель: fxphd
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Описание: Мастер-класс от реально работающих специалистов, студий моушн-дизайна, видеокомпозеров...
We're excited that Tim Clapham returns this term for a combination Cinema 4D and After Effects course. The classes will be project based, with each project covering several weeks of classes. Clapham will start out by building elements and rendering imagery in Cinema 4D and then taking the results into After Effects for final finessing. Even if you're a motion graphics designer who doesn't use Cinema 4D, you'll still get a ton of great tips and tricks out of the course.
Clapham owns and runs his own Motion Graphics and animation company, www.HYPA.tv, which is based in Brighton, UK.
Class 1 & 2: Vector Style Rendering and Multipass Rendering. The first week will use MoGraph to create some skyscraper type buildings and distribute them around the scene. Using Multipass light render passes and exporting Camera and Null data for use in After Effects. The second week will look at compositing the light passes in After Effects and adding in 3D layers. This will also make use of Object Buffers and a Depth Pass.
Multipart Class (number TBD):FXPHD Logo Animation. Create a 5 - 10 second logo reveal for the FXPHD 'this week @ phd' broadcast that John Montgomery creates each week. We will create the animation in Cinema4D and complete the compositing in After Effects. Several student animations could be chosen and used in the weekly broadcast.
Multipart Class (number TBD):Trails and Sweeps. Taking a live action green screen shot, we will key the shot and create some tracking data. Using the tracking data we will add some trail effects to the live action. Then composite them together with a custom designed environment.
Multipart Class (number TBD):3D Composite in Live Action. Take a ready tracked 3D shot in to Cinema4D and add some animated 3D graphical elements. This will include an example of flocking techniques. We will render out various passes and composite them in After Effects.
Видео кодек: H.264
Видео: 1152*520 12-fps
Аудио: 44 100 kHz? 16 bit U? Mono

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