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Cineversity ( Cinema 4D ): Water and grass fild tutorials
Производитель: cineversity.com
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский
Описание: Description:
Simulating Water Surfaces using CINEMA 4D and Adobe After Effects
This tutorial looks at a method of transferring position data from CINEMA 4D into Adobe After Effects for use as an effect point. In After Effects you will generate a displacement map. This displacement map is then used with sub-polygon displacement to simulate the surface of liquids.
Prt. 1 - You transfer the data to After Effects and generate the displacement map.
Prt. 2 - You take the generated displacement map and use it simulate the water surface in CINEMA 4D.
Tim Clapham
Tim left university after completing a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art. Specializing in Time-Based Media, the course included cinematography, stop motion, editing and lighting using both film and video media. Tim now runs a 3D animation and motion graphics studio with his business partner Mark Allin. The company called HYPA (www.hypa.tv), has its studio based in Brighton, UK and has been established for ten years. HYPA has successfully worked with some of the UKs biggest brands, such as Abbey National, ASDA, Argos, Cahoot, Finish and Peugeot. In the broadcast sector, HYPA has worked with Virgin Atlantic, Turner Classic Movies, Flextech, Discovery, Mtv, History Channel, Five and Viasat. Tim is an active beta tester for MAXON Computer's CINEMA 4D and has spend many years working with the MAXON team and other beta testers developing CINEMA 4D and its modules.
Ocean Wave Rig
Part 1 - Introduction showing the rig.
Part 2 - Modeling the spline shapes that will be used for the Morph Targets
Part 3 - Creating the Controllers and setting them up to drive the different morph poses.
Part 4 - Duplicating the controllers and creating the Wave Surface using LoftNURBS.
Bret Bays
Я включил в раздачу интересный на мой взгляд урок по созданию травы посредством Hair-а от immortal3D.
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