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An Introduction to Poser DVD
Производитель: Content Paradise
Год выпуска: 2006
Описание: Learn Poser the Easy Way - With Your Own Personal DVD Tutor!
All Regions
80 Minutes
Master the powerful features of Poser the fast and easy way... just watch and learn! Take a guided tour of Poser's interface and discover time saving tips and techniques to work with speed and efficiency. Navigate library menus to load models, clothing, hair and props. Modify facial characteristics and skin tone. Position and adjust lighting and cameras to set the scene. Bring your creations to life with powerful tools that make it easy to place, position, move and animate in 3D.
Topics covered on the DVD include:
* Interface Tour
* Lighting Controls
* Camera Views
* Posing Tools
* Keyframe Animation
* Clothing and Hair
* Walk Animation
* Facial Expressions
* Strand Hair Attributes
Learn the easy way with your own personal DVD tutor, ready for you anytime and anywhere. This DVD Video can be played right from your computer or standard DVD player with menus included to find any topic quickly and easily.
Bonus Poser Content Included FREE - a $59 Value!
* Koji 1.0 for Poser 6 Base Figure Pack, including the Koji 1.0 base character, 29 face morphs, 6 hair styles and 7 pieces of clothing.
* Swamp Creature Collection, including Alligator, Rattlesnake and Spider figures.
About Arena Reed
Arena has been using Poser and working with the development team since version 2. Her latest work using Poser is a series of illustrations showcasing new features. She enjoys teaching Poser and other graphics software. She has worked on various software teams including Painter, Expression, Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver. Arena currently works as a designer in San Francisco where she enjoys bicycling and working on a bicycle route sharing website called veloMap.
Видео кодек: MPEG2
Видео: 720 x 480
Аудио: AC3

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