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[modo 401] Luxology Training Videos - Subdivision Surface Modeling
Производитель: Luxology
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский
Продолжительность: 106 мин.
Программа: modo 401
Описание по-русски: Урок по моделированию сабдивами ступни робота в modo 401. Полная модель робота включена в контент, здесь только моделирование одной части с высокой детализацией.
Описание по-английски:
Hard Surface Subdivision Surface Modeling
Video tutorials on Subdivision surface modeling
This video tutorial from Luxology’s Andy Brown is all about how to approach the modeling of hard surface (vs. organic) model with multiple interlocking parts. When approaching any kind of complex model it is best to have a plan or methodology that will allow you to complete the project in an efficient and controlled manner. In this video album we show you how to develop and apply such a plan as you tackle modeling a high resolution game or film asset. The video is for anyone wanting to understand the fundamentals of modeling with Subdivision surfaces. We start by exploring efficient ways of creating initial stand-in geometry, which will not only be an invaluable tool for testing the design of the object, but will also act as a starting point for the final model and other people in the production pipeline. We then explore the decision making processes involved in tool section and workflow as we construct part of a “mech” using Subdivision surfaces. We then use basic animation rigging in modo to make sure the model has adequate clearances for someone else to animate.
Please note: This video does not cover how to model the entire “mech” model, but rather focuses on the detailed modeling of one portion. The entire mech model is included as content however.
Видео кодек: avc1 (H.264)
Видео: Apple QuickTime 1280 x 720
Аудио: AAC LC, CBR, 16 bits, 22 KHz

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