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modo In Focus - Understanding Key Concepts and Workflows in modo
Производитель: Luxology
Год выпуска: 2007
This new video album accompanies the evaluation version of modo 301 and is an ideal first introduction to modo from Luxology’s Andy Brown. The album consists of 8 downloadable videos and content material that introduce key concepts and workflows in modo.
The album starts off with a quick guide to getting started with modo and looks at modo’s Help system and perhaps it’s best asset, it’s community. The next video explores modo conventions including the user interface and basic navigation techniques. With this basic foundation in mind, the third video introduces the modeling power of modo, including an overview of polygonal and Subdivision surface modeling tools. In the next video we explore the UV editing features in modo, including an introduction to UV’s and an overview of how to create and edit them. An entire video is devoted to the sculpting features in modo, complete with two exercises for sculpting a human head. The 3D painting tools in modo are explained in the next video, which also includes a 3D painting tutorial for decorating the wings of a beetle. The animation capabilities of modo are introduced in the next video, along with an introduction to the use of morph targets. Texturing and rendering are the final subjects covered, with a comprehensive introduction to the Shader Tree, Preview Renderer and controls for producing high quality final output.
The modo in focus album is is bundled with the evaluation version of modo.
Note: These tutorials are delivered online in 1280 x 720 Quicktime (H.264) format and are available for download through your Registered Products page after purchase. The modo software is loaded into your Product Evaluations page.
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