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3D Buzz Techniques from the Masters
Производитель: 3D Buzz
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский
The Techniques from the Masters, Volume I disc is a compilation of professional-level video tutorials put together from a variety of instructors who want to share some of their knowledge with the 3D community. This disc was created using video submissions from 3D Buzz's Content Developers Contest #2, and the entries are incredible! You're not going to find this much bang for so few bucks anywhere!
Covering nearly thirteen hours of video training over 11 different applications, this first volume of the Techniques from the Masters series will teach you a wide variety of secrets and tricks ranging from modeling to advanced rigging to rendering to matchmoving and even on to network programming and much more!
* Dynamic Vehicle Rigging with Maya (3.39 hrs)
Instructor: Steven Hughes
* Realistic Lighting and Shading with XSI and mental ray (3.42 hrs)
Instructor: Christian Goetzinger
* Creating Dynamic Ropes using Maya Hair (1.0 hrs)
Instructor: Peter Claes
* Modeling, Rigging, and Animating a Jellyfish in Maya (1.57 hours)
Instructor: Anthony Tompkins
* Modeling a Barstool in Houdini (46 min)
Instructor: Jerry Stanley
* Introduction to Terragen 2 (50 min)
Instructor: Leonard Halmrast
* Matchmoving with Maya and Voodoo (51 min)
Instructor: Oliver Summa
* Introduction to Network Programming with C++ (41 min)
Instructor: Crisostamo Trevino
* Modeling and Texturing for Unreal Engine 3 (Roboblitz) using 3ds Max and Photoshop (1.36 hrs)
Instructor: Serguei Kalentchouk
* Animating DAZ Studio Assets using 3ds Max and Motionbuilder (36 min)
Frank Van Noordt
Видео кодек: XviD
Видео: 800x600
Аудио: 56kb/s

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