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fxphd MSV101 - Introduction To Massive

Производитель: fxphd
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский
Автор: Geoff Tobin
This course, taught by Geoff Tobin, aims to give an introduction to the inner workings of Massive from the ground up, introducing core concepts such as fuzzy logic and how it relates to creating an AI brain for a Massive agent. In order to demonstrate each of the aspects of Massive we'll develop a vehicle agent and show how a simple traffic simulation can be created. Massive is the artificial-life crowd simulation software developed for The Lord of the Rings trilogy and used on major motion pictures, TV shows and commercials.
Tobin is a Lead Massive TD working at Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand. He started working in the industry in 1993 as an animator using SideFX Prisms, Alias PowerAnimator and Maya. Geoff has been working with Massive since 2000 and was involved with its early development in creating the crowd scenes for The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He has since used Massive in motion pictures such as I-Robot, King Kong, X-Men 3, Eragon, Bridge to Terabithia and The Day the Earth stood still.
Members of fxphd will have access to the full version of Massive software via the vpn. The software is only to be used for educational purposes or building shots for a personal (individual) demo reel.
Massive Software website:
Class 1: Getting started The introductory class will give a general overview of Massive and introduce concepts such as fuzzy logic. We'll take a tour of the user interface and look at the various aspects of the software such as the brain, body, motion and scene pages and how they relate to each other. I'll also discuss the usual pipeline of a massive project in a production environment.
Class 2: Body Shop In this class we will begin building the car agent. We'll take a closer look at the body page and how to create a skeleton in Massive. We'll also create a basic brain to drive the car.
Class 3: Brains! Part 1 This lesson will give detailed coverage of each of the brain nodes and how they interact. We'll discuss fuzzy logic in the context of a Massive brain and show how the brain implements fuzzy logic to define the agent's behaviour.
Class 4: Brains! Part 2 We will continue building the car brain to include acceleration and braking controls as well as simulating effects such as weight transfer - the way the car's body leans during turns and pitches forward and back when accelerating.
Class 5: Senses In this class we'll cover how a Massive agent uses it's senses such as sound, sight, touch and agent fields to allow it to be aware of and react to other agents.
Class 6: Environment, Part 1 This lesson will look at how a Massive agent interacts with it's environment and introduce concepts such as terrain adaptation, flow fields, terrain maps and lanes.
Class 7: Environment, Part 2 We will use what we learned in the previous class to create a simple city environment for the car agents to inhabit. We'll also create a traffic light agent to control traffic flow.
Class 8: Pedestrians In this class we'll add pedestrians to our city scene and show how they can interact with each other and the cars.
Class 9: Variation This lesson will show how you can use agent variables to modify an agent in order to create different kinds of vehicles that share a common brain.
Class 10: Detailing The final class in this course will cover attaching geometry to an agent and assigning materials to allow us to create a production quality render. We'll also revisit variation and variables in the context of geometry and materials and show how to create an even greater variety of vehicles.

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