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Luxology Training Videos - 3D to Photoshop CS3

Производитель: Luxology
Язык: английский
This series of videos is designed to help you tap the new 3D capabilities of Photoshop CS3 Extended, even if you have never used 3D before. Luxology is in a unique position to offer these videos as we worked closely with Adobe during the development of CS3, supplying technology and content to Adobe Systems. We are excited with the results and have built this video series to help introduce people to what you can now do in Photoshop.
The 3D capabilities of Photoshop are simple but useful. It is useful to have an understanding of what types of models CS3 works best with and how to prepare models in modo (or other 3D application) for successful importation and manipulation in Photoshop. Once the 3D object is loaded and rasterized (rendered) in Photoshop, what next? These and other topics are addressed in this new video series from Luxology. The videos are narrated in English and are appropriate for designers and artists at any technical skill level (basic Photoshop familiarity is useful).
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