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The Gnomon Workshop
Houdini: Rigid Body Dynamics
Comprehensive Overview with Craig Zerouni

Страна: USA
Жанр: Видеокурс
Язык: Английский
Продолжительность: > 5½ часов
Формат: DVD-ISO
Дата выхода: 20/11/2006
Приложения: Houdini
Описание: Houdini's dynamics system (DOPs) is a very powerful tool that
allows users to not only simulate physics, but to interact with the simulation
in order to make an impossible looking effects shot look realistic. This is what
has made DOPs the dynamics software of choice for high-end feature effects
in a very short time. This DVD covers the rigid body dynamics (RBD) features
of Houdini, as well as the controls and forces that are common to RBD, cloth
and hair systems (though cloth and hair are not covered in this DVD).
Houdini’s rigid body dynamics have been used to make characters run through
walls (X-Men 3), crumble to pieces (Gatorade commercial), and to make objects
on a cruise ship fly around as the ship capsizes (Poseidon). This disc is a com-
prehensive reference, covering features in great detail through many simplified
examples, as well as completed case studies of a bowling ball, dominoes, an
exploding building and a crashing train.
Оф.сайт: http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/dvds/cze01.html
Требования: 1280x1024 (1024x768), Quicktime, Flash, Acrobat

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