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QuickStart! - Blender Tutorials
Производитель: VTC
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский
Описание: Blender is an open-source 3D application. It is a great place to start for students who want to get into 3D modeling, game design, and CG graphics because the application is absolutely free. It's also a great tool for Pro Modelers because of its built-in game engine and its UVW unwrapping capabilities.
The learning curve for this software can be a little steep without a bit of a boost from somebody who knows the program. In this course, Jason Welsh will give you just the head start you need with his reference-based learning examples.
Introduction to This Blender Course (02:54)
Getting Started
Download Blender (01:15)
How to Use These Tutorials (02:54)
Getting He|p (02:24)
Finding Your Way (01:42)
Navigate Menus (03:04)
3D Navigation (02:18)
Menus (03:25)
Previews (02:51)
Object & Edit Modes (04:28)
Transform Menu (03:17)
Global vs. Local (04:38)
Keyboard Shortcuts (03:36)
Poly Tools (03:48)
Global & Normal Tricks (03:31)
Subsurf Workflow (03:18)
Sculpt Trick (03:44)
Sculpt Workflow (04:43)
Sculpting Details (03:47)
To Zbrush (03:23)
Selections (04:50)
Join & Separate (02:02)
Mirroring (02:43)
Multicuts (01:19)
Modifiers (02:40)
Textures & Materials
UVs (05:18)
Textures (03:53)
Lights (04:00)
Painting (02:32)
Multi-Textured pt. 1 (03:35)
Multi-Textured pt. 2 (03:44)
Bones (02:39)
Paint Weights (03:27)
Bind Pose (03:55)
Mirror Bones (05:25)
Actions (06:09)
Game Controller (05:04)
Simple Logic (04:27)
Scripts (04:48)
The End
Conclusion (02:55)
About the Author (02:23)
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Видео: AVC, 800x600, 200 Kbps
Аудио: MP4a, 44100Hz stereo

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