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AsileFX Lightwave 3D 9 - LWCad 2.5 Complete
Производитель: asileFX
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский
Описание: LWCAD 2.5 is, by far, the best toolset extensions for LightWave 3D´s Modeler.
LWCAD makes it easy to create a vast number of architectural designs, and also adds several tools that replace native and outdated LightWave Tools.
LWCAD 2.5 Complete contains almost 5 hours of LWCAD training, instructed by Nicholas Pellegrino.
The first 14 chapters include the instruction of all the LWCAD tools available, and how to use each and every one of them, to get the most out of your 3D models.
After this direct approach is taken, the 15th chapter, which is broken up into 3 parts, will show you how you can create an apartment from the included floor plan. You start out by sizing and positioning the floor plan, to match up with real scale units. Learn to create the walls with the help of advanced snapping options, and using the new 3D wall tool . Then you´ll move onto using even more of the new features of LWCAD, to add doors and windows to your model. Once the base model is completed, you will learn how to create trim accents for all of your rooms, finishing off the model.
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