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Luxology modo - The Le Mans C9
Производитель: Luxology (автор туториала - Andy Brown)
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Видео кодек: 1280 x 720 QuickTime (H.264)
Аудио: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC 44100Hz 64 kb/s , mono (1/0)
Продолжительность: 200 мин
Описание: Видео туториал по моделированию спортивного автомобиля Le Mans C9.
"Andy's C9 tutorials are a great viewing for those with a bit of modo under their belt and are ready to leap into something meaty. It was very cool to see Andy resurrect an old school patch modeling technique which veterans will enjoy and will be a good learning experience for those used to edge modeling. The C9 tutorial series will undoubtedly be a foundation learning kit."
Jason Clark

Video 01 - Reference Images and Project Set-up
(Total Run Time: 7 min)
In this video, Andy shows how to approach the project organizationally and specifically how to utilize reference images to accurately scale and place the resulting model in space.
Video 02 - Alloy Wheel and Tire
(Total Run Time: 12 min)
Andy employs standard modeling tools like Bevel, Loop Slice, Extrude, Mirror, Radial Sweep, BG Snapping and Radial Falloff to quickly construct a subdivision surface model of an alloy wheel and tire. Particularly useful for showing how to model radially symmetric objects with beveled edges.
Video 03 - Brake Disc and Caliper
(Total Run Time: 13 min)
Here, Andy shows you how to model the wheel nut, the perforated brake disc, and then how to model the brake calipers that had the unenviable job of converting forward motion of the C9 to heat in what is known as a "stop". As well as dealing with a number of common tools this video incorporates some SubD theory, and also looks at regular poly modeling techniques like Boolean Operations and the creation of coplaner polygons.
Video 04 - Bodywork (Phase 1)
(Total Run Time: 12 min)
The gorgeous bodywork of the C9 is the subject of the next five videos in the modeling series. In Phase 1 Andy looks at creating the engine cover. He starts by mapping key tools to aid workflow, and then takes you through the creation of a spline cage and the use of the Patch Tool. This video looks closely at the theoretical underpinnings of this fundamental yet sometimes challenging technique.
Video 05 - Bodywork (Phase 2)
(Total Run Time: 11 min)
In this second video where the bodywork is being modeled, Andy builds upon the techniques in Video 04 by accomodating the door of the car. This highlights a number of more complex issues that need to be dealt with when creating the cage.
Video 06 - Bodywork (Phase 3)
(Total Run Time: 12 min)
In this third video dealing with the C9's bodywork, Andy creates the windscreen and side panels. He also pays special attention to how the different bodywork pieces flow into each other with continuity by utilizing some fundamental SubD principles.
Video 07 - Bodywork (Phase 4)
(Total Run Time: 12 min)
In this fourth video looking at the C9's bodywork, Andy tackles the most challenging piece of the geometry so far, the hood (bonnet). This very sculptural object requires the skills developed in the previous videos combined with some SubD modeling tricks incorporating the Bridge and Thicken tools.
Video 08 - Bodywork (Phase 5)
(Total Run Time: 13 min)
In this fifth and final video looking at building the skin of the C9, Andy travels back to review the basic form of the bodywork and make adjustments to form and proportions. He pays special attention to the accuracy of curves and seams and starts to add some finer details. This concludes the first Album.
Video 09 - Undertray
(Total Run Time: 13 min)
Continuing the modeling phase, Andy models the undertray and the front wing/elevator of the C9. A largely unseen part of the car, this is a critical aerodynamic component of the car that also adds contributes greatly to the classic look of the C9.
Video 10 - Bonnet Details
(Total Run Time: 13 min)
In this video Andy starts to detail the C9 by adding vents and lights to the bonnet/hood. Many tools in modo are utilized including the Bridge, Thicken and Tack tools. Macros are employed to speed modeling workflow.
Video 11 - Roof Details
(Total Run Time: 12 min)
In this video, Andy addresses the roof of the C9 and focuses on different methods of applying details to a curved surface. He utilizes the Edge Slide tools, the Tack tool, the use of Falloffs and also begins to utilise the workplane for proper orientation to the task at hand.
Video 12 - Door Details
(Total Run Time: 13 min)
In this video Andy uses a variety of tools to add more details to the C9, including window vents, hinges, lights and mirrors. The C9 is really taking shape now!
Video 13 - Windscreen Wiper
(Total Run Time: 12 min)
Building on his use of the workplane in Video 11, Andy focuses on one part of the model and demonstrates how to build an object entirely on a custom workplane for proper alignment with the rest of the model.
Video 14 - Wings, Lights and Vents
(Total Run Time: 15 min)
In this video Andy adds the signature rear wing to give the C9 its distinctive look. He also adds the rear lights and demonstrates another method of punching holes through a SubDivision surface to construct the C9’s recessed air intakes.
Video 15 - Interior Geometry
(Total Run Time: 13 min)
In this video Andy uses a variety of common modeling tools to block in the objects inside the C9’s driver compartment. He demonstrates how some areas can be suggested rather than being fully modeled.
Video 16 - Engine
(Total Run Time: 13 min)
Continuing on from Video 15 Andy blocks in the engine compartment, suggesting the main engine parts and detailing key areas where required.
Video 17 - Clay Render
(Total Run Time: 13 min)
In this final video of Album 2, Andy finishes up the modeling phase by carrying out some important housekeeping on the model in preparation for texturing. He also demonstrates two techniques for producing a clay render of your model by utilizing Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination. The modeling phase is completed.

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