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JAVA2 Enterprise Edition
Производитель: Application Developers Training Company (AppDev)
Описание: Етого курса уже нет на саите
Course Outline
In this course, you'll learn about the tools and technologies of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition Software Development Kit. You will understand how to design and implement an Enterprise Application using the Java 2 Language and how to use the tools within the SDK to provide rapid development and deployment. You'll learn the characteristics of what makes an enterprise application, scalable, reliable, and secure using techniques such as transaction management, packaging and deployment. You'll see how the J2EE platform can support a multitude of operating systems, such as Red Hat Linux and Microsoft’s Windows 2000 Server products.
Course includes 21+ hours of total training time...
Level 1: J2EE Platform Fundamentals
SESSION 1 (77 min)
J2EE Background
Distributed Computing
Enterprise Application Development
The J2EE Solution
J2EE Multi-Tier
Multi-Tier Model
Container Based Development
Client Components
Business–Logic Components
J2EE and EJB
J2EE Platform
Client/Server Environment
J2EE Scenarios
Multi-Tier Application
Stand-Alone Clients
MVC Architecture
MVC Process
Components and Roles
Web Components
Enterprise JavaBeans
J2EE Roles
Application Assembler/System Administrator
Tool Provider
Platform Services
Deployment, Transaction, and Security
Service Technologies
Communication Technologies
Installing J2EE SDK
Prepare to Install J2SE SDK
Install J2SE SDK
Prepare to Install J2EE SDK
Install J2EE SDK
SESSION 2 (69 min)
Configure J2EE SDK
J2SE SDK Configuration
J2EE SDK Configuration
Verify J2SE Functionality
Client Tier
Client Options
Web Clients
EJB Clients
EJB Client Strength/Weakness
EJB Client Types
Web Tier Applications
Web Components
Java Servlet Technology
Servlet Life Cycle/Listener Class
Sharing Information/Access Control
Initialization/Service Methods
Servlet Processing
Processing Information
Servlet Response
Define Filter Class
Access Web Resources
Maintain Client State
Servlet Completion
Tracking Requests
Shutdown Servlet
Servlet Communication
View HTML Code
Set Public Class
Initialize Servlet
DoGet Method
View Session Bean
SESSION 3 (86 min)
Assembling Web Servlet
Compile Servlet
Start J2EE Server
Deployment Tool
Create Application with Deployment Tool
Create Web Component
Configure Application
Verify/Deploy Application
JSP Pages
JavaServer Pages
Elements of JSP
JSP Initialization
Static/Dynamic Content
Scripting JSP Elements
JSP Elements
JSP Content
Transfer Control
Include Applet
Custom JSP Tags
Assembling JSP Pages
Build JSP Pages
Compile JSP
Start Cloudscape/J2EE
Deployment Tool
Configure Deployment
Add Entity Beans
Configure Entity Beans
Deploying JSP Pages
Verify Application
Deploy Application
File Location
Test JSP Page
Using JavaBeans
Set JavaBean Component Properties
Object Interaction
Assembling JSP with Java Beans
Deployment Tool
Add Web Component
Verify and Deploy
Level 2: Developing Business Logic and Managing Transactions and Security in J2EE
SESSION 4 (88 min)
Enterprise / Session Beans
Common Requirements
Enterprise Beans
Types of Enterprise Beans
Session Beans
State Management
Session Bean Strategies
Entity Beans
Shared Access
Container-Managed Persistence
Container-Managed Relationships
Message-Driven Bean
Accessing EJBs with Interfaces
EJB Interfaces
Remote Access
Planning Access Type
EJB Contents
EJB Life Cycles
Stateful Session Bean
Stateless Session Bean
Entity Bean
ejbCreate, ejbPostCreate
Message-Driven Bean
Using Session Beans
Session Bean
Deployment Tool
Create EJB Container
Configure EJB Container
Verify and Deployment Application
Using Entity Beans
Entity Bean Interfaces
Entity Bean Structure
Servlet and Entity Bean
Deploy Application with Entity Bean
Create EJB Container
Transaction Management
Configure Entity Bean
Deployment Settings
Verify and Deploy
Test Application
SESSION 5 (72 min)
Cooperating EJBs
Cooperating Session Bean
Servlet Structure
Deployment Tool
Create Web Component
Create EJB Container
Add Entity Bean
Configure Application
Verify and Deploy
Test Application
EIS Tier
EIS Scenarios
Relational Database Access
Application Component Provider
EIS Data Access
Programming Data Access
Access Objects
Connectivity Futures
Using EJBs with EIS
EJBs for EIS Interface
Entity Bean
EJB Methods
EJB with XML Method
Create Database Table
Deployment Tool
Test Application
Packaging and Deployment
Packaging J2EE Applications
Related Functionality
Security Profiles
Web Modules
Client Application Modules
SESSION 6 (75 min)
Deployment Descriptors
Deployment Strategies
Descriptor Elements
Deployment Tool Actions
Placement of Deployment Descriptors
EJB Descriptor
Transaction Management
Properties and Mechanism
Platform Transactions
JTA Transactions
Transactions in the Web Tier
JTA in Web Components
EJB Transactions
Transaction Attributes
Transaction Guidelines
Transaction Planning
Transactions with JTA
Local Transactions
Transaction Options
Compensating Transactions
Isolation Levels
Setting Transaction Levels
J2EE Security
Security Threats
Authentication Mechanisms
Authentication Call Patterns
Declarative/ Programmatic Authorization
Security Settings
Add Security Constraint
J2EE Tips
J2EE SDK Tools
Common Problems
J2EE Documentation
J2EE Configuration Files
J2EE Resource Web site

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